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Featured Books

“Drilled” by Ava Sinclair

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Iris Tremaine is rich, sexy, beautiful, and way above my pay grade. But that’s not about to stop me.

The attraction is mutual and intense. Iris has never been with a man like me, a man who overwhelms her, a man who says and does things to her that her pedigreed boyfriends never dreamed of.

If her oil baron father finds out, losing my job will be the least of my worries. Roger Tremaine will never accept the thought of a common roustabout putting big, dirty hands on his little princess.

When Iris gets pulled into a plan to cover up the company’s poor safety record, she needs my help to expose the truth. Getting involved raises the stakes for both of us. When it comes down losing her inheritance or the rough love of the only man who’s ever given her real pleasure, which will Iris choose?

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“The Steam Room” by Gigi Black

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Rebecca Fowley has found the perfect way to get over her messy divorce.
The divorcee of a philanderer who was in everyone else’s sheets but hers, Rebecca is overdue for some intimate attention. When a wise friend recommends The Steam Room Massage parlor, she is intrigued. The Steam Room offers far more than simple massage therapy.
In no time, Rebecca is an avid patron. 
When The Steam Room introduces her to its newest recruit, however, she is more intrigued than ever. The new girl on the block is quiet, demure and reserved. Far different to the other female masseuses Rebecca has become used to, Alice has an appeal all of her own. 
And Rebecca wants to explore her. Or be explored by her – either option suits her just fine. But either way, Rebecca needs a distraction and she’s decided Alice is the perfect solution.

Buckle up and prepare to take a wild ride with this explicit, fantastically written, explosively erotic lesbian sex adventure. 

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“How To Improve Your Credit Score On A Budget” by Darrell Reeves

Boost your credit score and save money at the same time. I will take you through a step by step why to improve your credit score. I also will include some free resources that will help you along the way. 


“Great and simple read!!” Great book for anyone who is looking to improve their credit score! Easy steps, well detailed and a sure fire way to get the ball rolling in a position direction when it comes to fixing your credit score.~ Daisy Garcia

“This book is a great read!!!!!!” This book was a very easy read . I enjoy the fact that the Author used real like examples to explain credit situation. I am sure to use these tips to better my credit score now and in the future! It’s not a very long book but I like that it gets right to the point! This is a must have!!!!!~ Tanesha

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