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WOMAN KEEP SILENCE: SILENT NO MORE ! Ever Since The Apostle Paul Spoke These All Too Familiar Words In 1 Corinthians 14: 34-35- The Meaning and Their Intent Have Been At The Center Of Hundreds Debates Between The Church Leadership and The Women Seeking To Answer Their Ministerial Call From God. This Book Offers A Biblical Based Arguments And Scriptural Defense On he Behalf Of Women Everywhere , And Their God-given Right To Answer The Call Upon Their Lives For Ministry!

A Classic In The Makings – Jean A.

A Breath Of Fresh Air And A Welcome Relief To Those Who Ponder Their Calling From God – Gale. M.

I Bought Two ,One For Me And One For My Daughter- Frances H.

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Success, they say, is a function of being relentless. Having a proactive attitude that makes you want to deliver more than what is expected of you. It is associated with the mindset that there is always room for improvement for every milestone you reach.

Most times, we see successful professionals in magazines, on the TV, some people even meet them in life coincidentally. Then the thought comes to mind that I wish I could be this successful and famous in my line of career. Yes, you can achieve more than you thought; the key to professional success is “being relentless in your engagement.”

It takes commitment to keep going even when the stumbling blocks are unending. It doesn’t matter what field you are; if you want to be the best, you should never be satisfied with the achievement at any level. This is the mistake that many people make after attaining a height; they believe the journey is over at that point. Because of this, they relent and relax, giving the law of diminishing return to set in.

The fact is, to become a successful professional, relenting after a landmark will give people coming right behind you the opportunity to overtake you. Staying up requires you to be hungry for more; it calls for pushing yourself beyond your limit.
Your drives to remain relevant with significant success should be higher than what got you to the position.

If you are that person that wants to develop the act of being relentless in your chosen field, this book is for you. Don’t just be a dreamer of professional success; you can attain a greater height too.

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Enchanted” by Rosaline Morgan

Belle didn’t think her winter break plans could get any worse. After forcing herself to leave campus and go back to her hometown of Starling, a place where she endured years of torment by her mother, she gets caught in a chaotic snowstorm, causing her to crash her car in the middle of nowhere with no place to go except for the cabin she discovers in the woods. Upon entering the cabin, Belle is confronted by a man with a deformed face and numerous secrets.

Trapped by the storm raging outside, Belle is forced to stay with the man, prompting her to discover more things out of the ordinary. Voices come from objects, the man guards an enchanted rose in the backroom, and Belle is determined to find out the truth behind all of those mysterious things. Gradually, Belle starts to enjoy her time at the cabin with the man, who gradually opens up about his past as she confides in him about her own. She begins to see him for the man that he is on the inside, not his distorted appearance and wants to help him return to normal.

As secrets become revealed and troubles from their pasts come back to haunt them, they find themselves becoming closer, falling in love through the midst of the chaos surrounding them. However, Belle knows that the fate of their future hangs in the balance as the enchanted rose slowly dies, and his chance of turning back to normal gradually diminishes…

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“Temporal” by Versi

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Poetry, the brash and psychedelic kind.

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“Dear Beautiful, Positive Daily Letters To Encourage, Inspire and Motivate All Women” by Ashley Perkins

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Dear Beautiful, is a Book of Daily Letters created for You the Beautiful, Amazing, Strong Women that you are. The Dear Beautiful, Letters consists of Positive Affirmations, Good Vibes, Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Personal Growth for Women all around the World . Studies have shown that it takes exactly 66 days to form and change habits and behaviors . With reading this book, I invite you to be inspired, motivated, driven to form more positive thoughts and changes with these great words of encouragement, in your daily life.

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