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Featured Books

“Temporal” by Versi

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Poetry, the brash and psychedelic kind.

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Tiara Girl” by Jill DeChello

Follow the lives of best friends, Stacy, Ashley and Nirvana as they compete to be the newest Tiara Girl, a spokesmodel for the popular clothing company, owned by Jillian Scarlett. Each girl starts with her own reason for competing but during the journey, everything changes and they discover inner strength, new friends and what is really important to them. Although written as a teen novel, Tiara Girl is a fun read for readers of all ages.

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“Emotional Intelligence: An effective guide, on how to manage your emotions and to help you succeed, with top tips.” by T.N. Perry

This book will not only explain what emotional intelligence is, but it will dive into its benefits and the four pillars. Each pillar has its own chapter within these pages so you can reach your full potential. You will also learn about why emotions matter. Why is it so important to pay attention to your emotions? How can your emotions help you get your dream job? The reality is, organizations are looking for employees who show strong skills in emotional intelligence over high intelligence. This is simply because Emotional Intelligent people have the following characteristics;
Mindfulness – the capacity to distinguish and comprehend feelings of others and the manners in which how they sway others around them
Self-guideline – the capacity to think before acting and oversee motivations
Inward inspiration – the drive to accomplish objectives for individual reasons, not for remunerations and acknowledgment
Compassion – the capacity to recognize and comprehend inspirations of others
Social aptitudes – the capacity to viably oversee connections and manufacture groups.
On top of this, you will learn about the various effects of emotional intelligence, such as how it influences your mental and physical health.

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“The Divination of Celia Connolly: A Magic Mystery” by Brian J. Purcell

A government agent dies while investigating a mysterious slaying in the remote woods and leaves behind one word with his last breaths:


Celia Connolly is a private investigator who uses magic to help her investigate mysteries in Southern California.  When she is approached by a man about his son who is locked away for a crime he did not commit, Celia dives into the investigation. Her investigation intersects with the slaying of her former partner, and the cases may be linked to an active serial killer. The only way she can find the truth is to use a new spell she created: Divination.

As the authorities impede, and at times counter, her investigation, Celia pushes forward and takes risks to find and prove the truth. Will she risk too much, or is she as strong as those around her suggest?

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“Dear Beautiful, Positive Daily Letters To Encourage, Inspire and Motivate All Women” by Ashley Perkins

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Dear Beautiful, is a Book of Daily Letters created for You the Beautiful, Amazing, Strong Women that you are. The Dear Beautiful, Letters consists of Positive Affirmations, Good Vibes, Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Personal Growth for Women all around the World . Studies have shown that it takes exactly 66 days to form and change habits and behaviors . With reading this book, I invite you to be inspired, motivated, driven to form more positive thoughts and changes with these great words of encouragement, in your daily life.

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