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Featured Books

“The Gazebo (A Series of Doors Book 1)” by Alexander Zito

How far back in time would you go to begin your mission in trying to save the world?

A gazebo and a pocket watch will be your time traveling devices. Just hop into the gazebo and choose between three doors opposite you and you’ll be in a new time period in no time.

That’s the offer presented to Ron Lampson when his pet bird leads him to a strange and mysterious gazebo outside a gas station in Dunedin, Florida. Inside Ron chooses his choice between the three doors and finds himself out of the present-day 21st century and into some of the biggest events that took place in World War I.

Now Ron is part of a crew of four whom all want one thing and one thing only: to change the events of World War I. But not even Ron is sure this is quite possible and finds himself out of place and lost in a world that’s not his own.

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“Onigokko” by BChris

There are hundreds of stories about the dark world of the drug game. This is the eeriest one of all. This is a drug dealer’s nightmare.

Follow the story of Jet Black, the most known unknown dealer in the history of distributing. He has high hopes of finally getting out of the dangerous underworld of drug dealing to start a new life with his fiancé, Zoey. Upon his final night, he gets persuaded to tag along on one last transaction with his partners Trey and Mike. Making an uneasy deal with a notorious drug lord, they set out to do business in a one-sided circumstance that will change Jets life for the worst as they come across a cursed brief case. Unaware of the consequences, Jet opens it and unleashes a horrific Oni demon from the darkest corners of a Japanese Hell.

Pressure comes from all sides, as Jet has to find solutions to a deal gone horribly wrong, ruthlessness of dirty cops, and a creature out to devour him and everyone he knows and loves. He has to face the hardship of his unforgiving reality and a relentless creature of an obscure lore in order to survive the night. The consequence is for him to decide and accept. In order for him to escape, his very soul is what he must pay.

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“Deceptions of Tomorrow” by Kumar L.

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Eleven electrifying tales of science fiction!

Human rights for robots! Time travel chaos! Black holes at the centre of our galaxy! These stories will entertain you, opening your mind to the possibilities of science and the future.
As Artificial Intelligence evolve with time, will we face a robot revolution? If it becomes possible to travel through time, what will be the result? Will we be able to change the past? And, of course, black holes – those barely understood, never seen, immensely powerful entities – can we harness their power for good or evil?
Understand Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, and read stories about the impact of these laws on the society of the future.
These laws aim to protect humans from robots. But what about the rights of the robots and other ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which humans will create in the future? Do they deserve, and should they be eligible for the same rights as humans?
Read on and find out!

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My Roller Coaster Ride to Motherhood” by Orchid Bloom

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Some wounds aren’t always visible, some hurts are too deep to be fully seen…After two decades of trying not to get knocked up, Linda finds herself struggling to fall pregnant.

The initial period of fun soon turns to frustration. Hurdles are faced, difficulties are overcome and at last Linda falls pregnant – until fate deals them a tragic blow. One moment, Linda feels on top of the world. The next? She’s devastated, waiting for surgery to end her pregnancy in a ward surrounded by happy, expectant mothers eager to hold their precious new babies in their arms.

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“The Secret Life After Her & Her” by Natasha Brown

Sex, pleasure, love. Jessica loved all these aspects of life and the good things it had to offer. She was a free spirit who cherished all the pleasures she could immerse herself in. A fine, sexy and intelligent individual, Jessica was one who had an open heart, loving deeply and willing to explore new things. Although she had always found herself attracted to beautiful women, she never believed she would be in a relationship or in love with one. That, however, was exactly what happened when she came across the bold and amatory Michaela. Things initially being rosy and passionate, Jessica thought she had found the one, but soon, the beautiful and deep connection the two women had formed between each other came crashing down. Physically and mentally scarred after her bittersweet relationship with Michaela, Jessica finds love again in the arms of another female, Julia. A complete contrast to Michaela, Julia was collected and caring, and Jessica felt she could finally settle down. Eventually, she began to realize this relationship was no better than the one she was in prior, and despite Julia and she having different problems from her former lover, the relationship ended the same way.

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Ready Aim Purpose” by Beverley Vaughn

Renowned Author, Speaker and Transformational Coach, Beverley Vaughn has proudly announced that her new book ‘Ready Aim Purpose’ is now available for purchase. The book is all about helping individuals find their purpose in life and it is already getting a phenomenal response. Beverley Vaughn has authored this book as a transformational guidebook and a motivational bible, in which she has addressed many important areas of key focus.

“I use the power of imagery and words to define and direct how to get my readers best results and this book is my effort to help people understand their purpose.” Said Beverley Vaughn, while talking about her new book. “I am very grateful to my readers and their feedback for my work, and I hope that this book will make a difference in the lives of not only Christians and individuals from all faiths and beliefs around the world.” she added. Being a Christian Evangelist, the author is also a part of a 20-year international Christian ministry.

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“An Imperfect Crime” by Fred G. Baker

The perfect crime turns into the perfect tragedy for a trio of young writers desperate to get their book published. They will do anything to get noticed, even murder. But it all goes wrong. Two of them disappear and one is executed for a crime he did not commit.

Only one man, Father Guillermo Montero, a priest with a past, believes the prisoner’s pleas of innocence. Together with a young female detective in the Phoenix Police Department named Lori Sanchez, they determine to solve the mystery and prove he is innocent. Drugs, gangs, guns and sex; a mysterious woman; and a Mexican drug Cartel all cross paths with the investigation, leading them through a morass of crime in southern Arizona to a serial killer.

Part Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and part Dirty Harry, the story twists and turns as Detective Sanchez and Father Montero keep you guessing.

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“The Rainman Vol 1” by Genevi Engle

Evan Strauss is a man burned and refined by tragedy and loss. After the mysterious death of his wife, he hops upon the other side of the justice board, quitting the force and becoming a bounty hunter for the small city. After making a name for himself, an entity known as the Rainman makes himself known, not only taking down the high-rolling criminals of the city, but even snatching up Evan’s bounties. Furious, Evan accepts a bounty offer from an individual not affiliated with law enforcement. Track down the Rainman, reveal their identity and turn them in. What he doesn’t realize is that in accepting the offer, he has implemented himself in a deadly set up between him, a murder witness and the town’s most deadliest drug kingpin, who’s desperate to clean up any loose ends of a crime that may connect to Evan’s wife’s murder.

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“Phoenix Rising” by KD Waring

Samantha and Sean were living an ideal life in New York City, until the day bodies were discovered under the Verrazano Bridge overpass. With her cousin’s personal belongings among the items discovered at the dumping site, Sam and Sean set out on a dangerous journey to discover the truth and identify the killer before he strikes again. But as the duo dig deeper into the case and the search for the culprit uncovers a conspiracy at the highest levels of the NYPD, the threat to their safety becomes real. Finding the killer is only one problem for the couple who must quickly decide who they can and cannot trust as they travel down the rabbit hole and uncover the seedy side of the City.

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