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Featured Books

“Thoughts to Heal: The Guru Granth Sahib Way” by Kawaljit Singh Bhatia

This book is meant to reinvigorate your thought process and give your life a new vision and perspective. This book is a spiritual journey with the teachings of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The approach is not to be religious or dogmatic but spiritual and liberal. The book contains the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which contains the teachings of Sikh Gurus, other saints and words of eternal wisdom. Each chapter is lke peeling a layer of an onion, intended to step by step, on a daily basis, unclutter your mind and sharpen your vision. This book is meant for those who are searching for or are at the edge of a new direction, a new beginning in their life but are unsure whether or not to take the plunge. This may also be helpful to those who have deep seated unfulfilled purpose in their life, but are just unsure whether or not to do what they would be happy to do in their lives. Modern day youth often finds itself at cross roads because they find a sea of difference in the value system that they have grown up in and the value system that the contemporary society demands. The correct way would be to have a strong value system so that one is unmoved by the conflicting thought processes that one comes across on a daily basis. This book is intended to give that strength and robustness of thought process to those who are always in two minds in choosing whats right for them and what is in front of them.

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“Driving For Better” by Scott W. Webb

The world of adults has done a great disservice to the 15-year-olds learning to drive, presenting “driving on the roads” as if it’s something CIVILIZED. It ain’t. Deep down we all know it’s an absolute free-for-all out there. Admit it: The lower levels of driving abilities range from prehistoric to unconscious to chronically-medicated to perfectly blind. Since the Frankenstein-types out there now driving refuse to self-improve, we, the smarter and slightly more conscious, must take things into our own hands and learn how to avoid THEM. Is it time that somebody who knows, explained the secrets and strategies for how not to become a statistic? It’s not just from random dumb luck that many drivers avoid ALL accidents. With dozens of diagrams, the entire book is HAND-DRAWN for ease of understanding. And includes many life-saving insights anybody can share with their closest relations because the world is stupid enough without having some idiot crashing into you or those you love. You will notice right away that the author isn’t interested in academic discussion regarding how to drive better by following the normal imperatives. If everybody else followed the laws and made safety their priority, that’s one thing, but if they ain’t, then that’s a whole different animal. Admit it! Learn from it, avoid it. Frankenstein is on the loose, right now, and behind the wheel, coming to a neighborhood near you.

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“The Problem of Identity ” by Joke Owolabi

The problem of identity is universal. It is the foundation of every human crisis. Some people have found it easy to resolve while others are unable to figure it out. Many define who they are by what they do. Equating what you do to be the same as who you are makes you a human doing and not a human being. If what you do is who you are, you are forced to see yourself as a failure anytime you fail at what you do. You are not what you do!

This book provides clarity on why identity is challenging to figure out and how you can discover your true identity. You cannot find your purpose until you find out your identity and you cannot have fulfillment outside of purpose. The book will help you to understand why you lack fulfillment despite significant achievements. It provides insights that will diffuse any confusion you may have regarding your identity. Before you take the next steps on your life journey, career, education, relationships or business, it is essential to answer the question, “who am I?” The discovery of your identity will help you position yourself where you will be celebrated instead of where you are tolerated.

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“Strangers in the Storm: Love and Survival on Mount Rainier” by Jared Rund & Diane McKenney

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Whether you’re a fan of excellent written and original love stories, survival or mountaineering adventures or you simply enjoy reading something light, “Strangers in the Storm” is a must in your collection!

Written with an easy-to-read, authentic and entertaining style, “Strangers in the Storm” tells the amazing tale of Jared Rund and Diane McKenney, two strangers who are put to a major survival test during a climb on Mount Rainier. Caught by a massive storm which makes it impossible to find the way back, they would soon learn that in order to stay alive, they will first and foremost need each other’s support. This close call experience creates an amazing bond between the two characters, introducing the reader to a lesson of love and survival like no other. 

“Strangers In The Storm: Love And Survival On Mount Rainier” manages to capture your attention from the very first pages by going beyond the classic love novel and exploring the limits of the human endurance. Order it for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a book-loving friend and you’ll surely win their appreciation!

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“Self Esteem for Men” by John Adams

5 Simple but Overlooked Methods to Start Your Inner Journey and Which Will Stop You From Being a Doormat

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Do you consider yourself as a people pleaser? Are you Mr. Nice Guy? Then keep on reading.

Are you the man who avoids conflict at work, even though you know your solution is better? You do everything for your partner, but it´s never enough for her. You probably have to sacrifice your own needs and priorities a lot. Do you have the feeling other people walk over you regularly? Then it´s time to work on your self-esteem.  

In Self Esteem for Men you will discover:

Fair warning. Having a healthy self-esteem as a man can have some side effects. 

Just to name a few:

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