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Featured Books

Scattered Thoughts: My Perspective Will Make You Proud” by Prophet Tommie Lee Brown Jr.

All Perspectives Matter! Never be afraid to stand firm in what you believe in, especially if it’s the Truth. Speaking the Truth will let you everything that you need to know about people. One day you’ll find yourself being hated just for caring for your own life and speaking the Truth. Whatever you do; never stop speaking the Truth. If you find yourself being alone; that’s because you’re supposed to be alone. We can’t grow with or around drama and confusion.

Continue to Learn, Grow, and Evolve all by yourself. Whoever wants to be in your life will be; and the more you spread Love and inspire others; you’ll be Supported and Loved by people you’ve never seen or met in your entire life.

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“The Life of an Akita Chow Mix” by Avril Herbert 

A heartwarming autobiographical memoir told by an Akita- Chow mix dog named Rusty. He tells his story from his early days with his mother, through his hardship times to being adopted into a loving home. 

He explains how he was judged because of his breeds and reflects on how the actions of all humans helped shape his behavior. He talks about how the bond between dog and human needs strengthening so that less dogs end up at the shelter and he reminds us why these beautiful animals come into our life. 

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“Let YOUR Light Shine : The Guide to Living Your Authentic Life” by cs Bailey

Tired of just surviving? Do you often wonder what your purpose is? Constantly experiencing setbacks and/or sadness? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

In “Let YOUR Light Shine – The Guide to Living YOUR Authentic Life”, csBailey takes you on a journey of self-discovery for thirty days straight – all to help you uncover who you really are, so you can live on purpose and experience true happiness.

Award-winning Brand Strategist and Transformational Speaker, csBailey shares how she went from helping hundreds of clients build their brands and find their “why”, to living authentically herself and regaining inner peace. Through stories, humor, and practical tips, she shows the way to anyone trying to find their purpose and live their authentic life. In these pages you’ll discover:

How to avoid living a life of regret
How living a life of service will change your entire life
How to free yourself from negativity
If you are a Dreamer or a Doer
How to know an obstacle from an opportunity

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“Honey” by Alison Lyke

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Honey is a lovable, scatterbrained barista at a trendy indie beverage shop. All in one day, her job, her family, her future, her love-life, and her literal-life are all thrown into jeopardy by the furious haunting of a ghost who calls herself Pearl. 
Then things go supernatural, paranormal, and everything in-between! Soon Honey is confronted by a colorful parade of ghosts, demons, karma, gods, gypsies, and time keepers. 
Mythology fans will recognize new incarnations of well known legends as fantasy lovers are whisked away to surreal worlds along with Honey.

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“Claimed” by Heather Hambel Curley

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The first time the world ended, she went into hiding. 

The second time, she became a fugitive. 

When war breaks out between two American political coalitions, witch Wren Richards is forced into hiding. She and her family conceal themselves and their power, living on only what they can grow and create with their own hard work. But then there is a break in the doldrums of normalcy: Wren is sent to fetch supplies in town. 

And then the atomic bomb hits. Everything changes. Now Wren isn’t just a witch: she’s a survivor. A slave. A water seeker. A murderer. She and her sister are kidnapped and dragged to another dimension. As witches, they’ll fetch a higher dollar at auction. Because as witches, energy can be sourced from their souls. The only person who can save Wren is herself. 

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“Only If You Let them” by Monica Carolan

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Only If You Let Them is an illustrated narrative poem. It is the psychological journey of a woman named iris as she struggles to break free from societal conditioning. She peels through the layers of her mind to understand what holds her back from being the fulfilled version of herself that she yearns to be. Only If You Let Them is a story for those who see things a bit differently. for the round pegs in the square holes, for the social misfits, to feel less alone.

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Never Coming Down: Mountain Misfits MC” by Deja Voss

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All he has to do is strike one match to bring all her secrets to light 

Only a Mountain Misfit would find opportunity in his own little brother’s motorcycle accident.

An opportunity to finally get Sloan right where I want her. Not just for the night, but for the rest of our lives.

She’s going to be my wife. She’s going to be the queen of the Mountain Misfits MC. 

She has everything I need to wash this blood from my hands.
Everything I need to help save my club from my father’s appetite for destruction.
The fact that he hates her more than he hates himself makes me want her even more.

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“How to Fail in Business Guaranteed: The Five Mistakes that Can Destroy any Small Business and How to Avoid Them” by Juan M. B. Gutierrez

There are plenty of books out there that motivate you to start a business. There are plenty of authors that encourage you to pursue your dreams. That’s all wonderful. The harsh reality, however, is that most businesses fail. Most people run into challenges in their businesses that turn the ordinary risks of small business into surefire failure. Find out the critical mistakes many business owners make and how to avoid them.

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“Feel the Spin” by Marshall Moskow

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A young science professor faces off against ignorance and bigotry in South Carolina ten years after the end of the American Civil War. Thomas Walters has joined the faculty of Tideland College in the fall of 1875 as professor of the recently introduced disciplines of natural philosophy and astronomy. Walters finds himself caught up in the broader conflict between science and religion, as well as the bitter struggle between the ways of the Old South and the advance of a new national identity that embraces social equality, women’s rights, and rationality. The reader follows the experiences of Thomas, his family; two former slaves employed by him; a professor of Latin from Germany with a secret past; and three questioning, rambunctious students. Many colorful supporting characters enhance the action and atmosphere of the story. Feel the Spin is beautifully written, well-researched, thought provoking, and speaks to issues that remain unresolved in the present day.

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“23 Tips To Overcome Procrastination And Laziness: Improve Your Performance, Strengthen Motivation And Get Rid Of Laziness Once And For All” by Roger Connelly 

If for a long time you wanted to get rid of laziness and finally start acting, this book is a perfect thing for you.

This book is the detailed guidance to achieving your goals, written by an experienced psychologist. This book clearly explains the causes of procrastination and effective methods for getting rid of it.

Discover right now 23 simple steps how to improve your productivity, to increase your motivation and get rid of your laziness forever. Change your life!

• What is procrastination?
• Consequences of procrastination
• Procrastination as a phenomenon of modern life
• Who can become a procrastinator?
• Causes of procrastination and why we tend to be lazy
• 23 effective steps to overcome laziness
• Bonus information

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“How To Improve Your Credit Score On A Budget” by Darrell Reeves

Boost your credit score and save money at the same time. I will take you through a step by step why to improve your credit score. I also will include some free resources that will help you along the way. 


“Great and simple read!!” Great book for anyone who is looking to improve their credit score! Easy steps, well detailed and a sure fire way to get the ball rolling in a position direction when it comes to fixing your credit score.~ Daisy Garcia

“This book is a great read!!!!!!” This book was a very easy read . I enjoy the fact that the Author used real like examples to explain credit situation. I am sure to use these tips to better my credit score now and in the future! It’s not a very long book but I like that it gets right to the point! This is a must have!!!!!~ Tanesha

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“Beyond Beauty: A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness” by Ferial Youakim

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The greatest luxury my family had were some tiles that my father had laid down for my mother. My father was a manual laborer. He had taken all of us to one of the tile factories on a family trip. My father couldn’t afford the tiles, so he had us sort through the rejects, the broken and imperfect shards so that we could have something beautiful. I remember how he got on his hands and knees for my mother and for us children. I remember how he concentrated intently as he placed together a work of art for us. It may seem odd to walk across a work of art, but those tiles were our fl ying carpet and a reminder of his love for us. All these years later, I understand that love and beauty are inseparable.”

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