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Featured Books

“Meeting Nihena” by Ervin Agayan

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Do you adore fascinating adventures, duels and intriguing love affairs? Then welcome to Agastan! It’s not that easy to get into this country — it hovers in the air, high above the ground. Not to worry! Open the book and you will plunge deep into the amazing Agastan customs. 
Parelia, a young princess of delightful beauty, rules the air-borne country. Many would like to have her as a wife, of course, along with the throne of Agastan. But the princess’ most desperate admirer is the cunning and charming Arsy. Arsy’s bad luck is that the girl hates him so much. According to the country’s laws, Arsy is considered a criminal, just like his companion, the green-eyed handsome Zens. 
Of course, the two friends don’t get along with the law. But they have never lacked the intellect, courage and perseverance! To study the Cathastu martial arts, Arsy and Zens head to a mountain fortress called Mozakon. Hard tests await them, but the young guys are ready for anything, even if they have to endure the antics of the stubborn and capricious daughter of the mercenary leader.
Secret martial arts are the only way for Arsy to protect himself against a former friend, Erathos — a diabolically dangerous criminal. Perhaps, by becoming stronger, Arsy would be able to save the princess from her conspirators, who dream of seizing power in the country? And then hatred in her heart would be replaced by good feeling… 
Does the robber in love have a chance at happiness? You will find out about this after reading the fascinating and cheerful story called “Meeting Nihena”.

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“My Little Cookbook – I am a big kid now !: No-Cook Easy Recipes for Kids” by Alina A. Dumitrescu

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Using this book, the whole family can read the recipes and prepare healthy meals together in less than 20 minutes, without cooking. The book has big photos and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
Depending on the age of the child, this activity enhances language learning (using the images of the ingredients), stimulates reading (by colored words) and develops fine motor skills (manual dexterity).

Happy Cooking ! 

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“The Red Light” by L. H. Roberts

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 “The Red Light” is an erotic romance novel based around two friends from London who decide to explore parts of their sensual side they had never dared explore before while on a work placement together in Amsterdam. The story incorporates aspects of erotica, romance, comedy and general women’s fiction.


“An Impressive Must-Read for Fans of Erotica”Having read a lot of erotic fiction, I was looking for something a little different, and this debut novel from a talented author certainly ticks all the boxes. In these changing times where female empowerment is a hot topic, this book has some important messages about what it means to own what you want and how to make the most out of life, set against the backdrop of beautiful Amsterdam. Leading you on a fun ride from start to finish, it’s the perfect book to get away from the mundanities of everyday life while also being an extraordinary tale about how friendship brings out the best and worst in each other, yet can endure far beyond other relationships in our lives. Whether looking for an indulgent Summer read or the ideal adventure to get you through the Winter, I highly recommend The Red Light for anyone who’s looking for their next book to devour – a brilliant, must-read which was thoroughly enjoyable throughout. I can’t wait to read more work from L.H. Roberts in the future, especially if they create more funny, relatable characters like Sabrina & Eva!Kathryn Castle

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“How To Become Self-Actualized – The Habits of Self-Actualizing People: The Realization of One’s Potential” by  Julian Hebbrecht

Self-actualization is a hot topic of the 21st century. With techno-logical and medical breakthroughs occurring every day, more and more of us are living lives where our basic needs are easily and readily met. When we’re no longer concerned about primal needs such as hunger or safety, we’re left with a yearning to do something more with our lives. We’re given the luxury of free time, time that can be used for self-reflection and self-discovery. Though some of us are seeking a higher purpose for our lives, many of us remain complacent and sometimes even apathetic. Later in his life, Maslow asked a compelling question, “Why don’t more people self-actualize if their basic needs are met?” The reality is that even though our basic needs are far more than met, most of us still fail to reach our full potential. Self-actualization is available to all seek it. Each one of us is capable of greatness, if greatness is our goal. To reach self-actualization one must have self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-mastery, along with patience, humility, and acceptance. The key is to let go of the past and open oneself up to the possibility of a better future. Self-actualization is knowing that life is too precious to spend time being anyone other than yourself. It is seizing the moment and allowing yourself to be fully alive. 

As Madonna once said, “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” 

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“The Rockefeller Murders” by River Smith

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Some secrets free you. Some Secrets kill. 
It’s 2004 and Dr. Joshua Miller’s trying to solve a mystery. From the heart of Cleveland’s LGBTQ community to war torn Iraq, Josh and his friends work to find out who killed his therapy client. Bombs and beatings, torture and sex abuse, corporate scandals and the long hidden secrets of the rich and powerful all play a part as Josh shares the heart-rending tales of his clients while trekking through the history of one of America’s most storied cities to learn which secrets killed Stanley Brandon. 
Some secrets free you. Some Secrets kill. 

It’s 2004 and Dr. Joshua Miller’s trying to solve a mystery. From the heart of Cleveland’s LGBTQ community to war torn Iraq, Josh and his friends work to find out who killed his therapy client. Bombs and beatings, torture and sex abuse, corporate scandals and the long hidden secrets of the rich and powerful all play a part as Josh shares the heart-rending tales of his clients while trekking through the history of one of America’s most storied cities to learn which secrets killed Stanley Brandon. 

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“Inside Out ” by Tiffany Christina Lewis 

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Detective Michael Taylor, of the Oakland PD, is the lead on a horrific serial killer case. For six weeks, he has been cleaning up mounds of the killer’s mess. Bodies of men have been found chopped up and left, skin down, for display. Michael, mysterious to many in his department, is desperate to solve this case. Michael’s only form of stress relief, Candy, a stripper employed at a San Francisco club, begins to show genuine interest in him and they form a relationship a midst all the chaos that is Michael’s life. Between interviews and police reports, Michael makes time for her. Candy, more commonly known as Vanessa, gets tangled in Michael’s case as things unfold. A killer’s desire for retribution leaves her a victim of crime. Vanessa has to use her wit and charm to keep a killer at bay as she leaves bread crumbs for Michael to follow. The lovers must survive a serial killers plot for vengeance while practicing trust and loyalty throughout.

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One God, true doctrine.
God is not a Trinity.
One Lord
One Faith
One Baptism.
Pentecostal biblical doctrine.

5 Star Reviews:

“This book is very easy to follow” This book is filled with so much information but is very easy to follow. You will learn so much because the author shows you what the Holy Scriptures say. Simply an amazing book!!!~ Amazon Reviewer 

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“Abandon All Hope” by Kat A. Cooper

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On his eighth birthday, Maurice Collins, witnessed a group of robed figures kidnap his sister and murder his parents. Now, after being held captive in an orphanage for ten brutally long years, he secretly escapes with the help of his best friend, Bryson. Following the belief that Priest, owner of the shelter, and his followers were somehow involved, Maurice heads to his hometown of Winchester, Virginia determined to learn the truth.

Using the clues left by his sister, Maurice locates the first of Priest’s followers. With the intention of only scaring him, Maurice captures and interrogates the follower until he is interrupted by a young girl named Kali. When the follower escapes and kills himself, Kali comforts Maurice and reassures him that the followers and everyone in the town deserve what fate has in store for them. The two team up as Kali guides Maurice to each follower’s location until Maurice is almost killed during a confrontation with the Sheriff. Unfortunately, Maurice’s salvation leads to a moment of distrust between him and Kali and he must race to her aid after two of Priest’s followers kidnap her. However, on the way, he is shocked with a surprising revelation that his sister, Amara is alive, but it leads to a devastating loss.

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“Ketogenic Diet: The Beginners Step By Step Guide For A Ketogenic Lifestyle ” by William Bringer

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The ketogenic diet is becoming more and more popular for a simple reason, it works, and it works well!

More and more science is undisputably showing that the keto diet has a myriad of health benefits, including the ability to reverse type 2 diabetes, prevent or even treat some cancers, improve cognitive function, burn fat and much, much more. 

In this book, you will learn everything you need to know, and more, in order for you to get into ketosis as easily as possible and stay there as long as you want. Here are some examples of what the book contains: 

The benefits of the ketogenic diet

What to expect on keto

What to eat on a ketogenic diet

The best supplements on keto

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The Way of Achievers: How to live a successful life, gain financial freedom, and create your own business” by Maitha Alshamsi

It is time to leave your fears and doubts behind and embrace the way of achievers. If you are looking to become financially free, succeed and achieve your goals, and/or start your own business, then this book is for you. Throughout your life, you constantly have choices to make, and what you choose, what you believe, and how you spend your time determines whether you are an achiever. In The Way of Achievers, Al Shamsi candidly shares her own failures, successes, and the lessons she learned to help you become an achiever.
Learn how to achieve more in your life by:

•Embracing child-like beliefs
•Creating your vision and making and completing goals to achieve it
•Planning for success by using the effortless formula
•Becoming financially free
•Creating your own business and other income generating machines
•Systemizing your business, allowing you freedom and flexibility
•Overcoming obstacles that stand in your way
•Investing in yourself through lifelong learning opportunities
In this guide, peppered with anecdotes of one woman’s powerful journey towards financial freedom and achievement, you will discover your own path for success. Complete with coaching exercises, worksheets, and coaching tips, you will feel personally guided throughout your own journey.

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