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Featured Books

“The Canary Connection” by Phillip Spolin

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The Canary Connection is an historical novel bringing to life events that revolutionize the world.

An everyday for peasants living on the Spanish coast becomes much more when Dante’s desperate attempt to save his sister, Revela, casts their lives into an adventure of escape to new lands. They flee the family farm to journey in different directions pursued by Ygnacio de Silva, a psychotic incarnation of medieval ethics and the Spanish Inquisition. 

It is August 3,1492, Christopher Columbus sets sail from Spain to the New World, AND it is the final day to comply with the King of Spain’s edict expelling all non-Catholics under pain of death, thus the beginning the Jewish Diaspora. Was that a coincidence?

August 3, the Ninth of Av in the Hebrew calendar, a date burned in world history as the ports of Spain teem with escaping Jewish and Muslim families. Just who was on that boat when it left the Spanish port of Palos de la Frontera? 

The Canary Connection unfolds during this intriguing concurrence when Spain epitomizes intolerance, torture, and death. Dante and Revela join a group of Jewish exiles escaping the Inquisition and seeking refuge in the Canary Islands. Their lives entwine with key players of this archival moment, kings and queens, women and men of consequence and vision. World characters are presented with distinctive personalities and unique motivations, as those portrayed in Mantel’s English history of Wolf Hall. The story boasts a new perspective that brings the past to life and confronts monumental issues that revolutionize mankind.

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“The Book of Freedom: Exit the Simulation” by Keexzus 

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Prepare to drench your mind in a lyrical acid trip through the very fabric of structure, language, and time. A reality-destroying festival of language awaits you. Rip a hole through the matrix and bring all your idols along for the ride. Reality will bend, break, and restructure as it disintegrates into a brand new hallucination within the matrix. Ride the wave and say goodbye to the boring old literature of the past. And say hello to Freedom. Take a lyrical hit of this literary masterpiece today. Then give your friends a taste. Once you see through the Simulation, there’s no going back.

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“Bitcoin Cash versus Bitcoin” by Johan von Amsterdam

The battle of the cryptocurrencies: Crypto for beginners

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Do you know the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? Which one is the most future-proof? If you have Bitcoin, do you have Bitcoin Cash? Which exchanges support it?

The year 2017 witnessed an important date in the history of cryptocurrency: the split that has created Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Once a unified currency, Bitcoin now has new competition from a twin brother, Bitcoin Cash, which is leaving even the savviest of investors questioning what the difference really is and which is better.

An essential guide for any cryptocurrency investor, this audiobook will address the major questions about this split and then look to the future for answers about what’s next. With this simple walk-through of a complicated minefield, you will discover Bitcoin’s exciting history, the hidden features, and the most important underlying principles of this type of investing.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Where did Bitcoin come from?
  • What exactly is Bitcoin Cash?
  • What is the best investment?
  • What does the future hold?
  • How do I get started?
  • Where do I buy it?
  • How do I store it?

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“Self Esteem for Men” by John Adams

5 Simple but Overlooked Methods to Start Your Inner Journey and Which Will Stop You From Being a Doormat

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Do you consider yourself as a people pleaser? Are you Mr. Nice Guy? Then keep on reading.

Are you the man who avoids conflict at work, even though you know your solution is better? You do everything for your partner, but it´s never enough for her. You probably have to sacrifice your own needs and priorities a lot. Do you have the feeling other people walk over you regularly? Then it´s time to work on your self-esteem.  

In Self Esteem for Men you will discover:

Fair warning. Having a healthy self-esteem as a man can have some side effects. 

Just to name a few:

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