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Featured Books

“Acid Rain” by R.D Rhodes

When a young woman is sentenced to a high-security mental institution for a crime she has committed, she is thrown into a decaying Victorian building with staff struggling under tight budget cuts, and heavily sedated patients who spend most of their time in front of the giant-screen TV. It is there she meets Harry, a charismatic eccentric with a strange deep scar around his neck, and they manage to escape.

With no money and no phones, they must survive on the streets, and in nature, in any way they can.

An exploration of spirituality and self, this quick-paced story involves themes of the intelligence of nature, spiritual enlightenment, philosophy, and mental health through one girl’s journey and the people she meets.

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“Choice of The Alpha” by Alexia Johnson

Lexi is just about to turn 18. Her life couldn’t be better. She has amazing friends and lives in a big city. Until, one day her mother tells her they are moving to a small town in the middle of the forest. Her whole life comes crashing down around her.

One day, while running through the woods, Lexi gets an intense pain and passes out. When she wakes up, she is covered in dirt and blood, and suddenly has a voice in her head. That voice tells her she is a wolf and that they are two parts of a whole. Lexi confronts her mother only to get more news. Her grandparents ran the pack, and now that she’s changed she is expected to choose a mate and run the pack as well.

Can she change her fate and make her own decisions? Can she convince the pack to let her rule alone? Can she help the other pack in town? Why can’t she stop thinking about the Alpha of the other pack?

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“F*ck Your Feelings” by Ryan Munsey

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One of the best books ever written on mindset and learning how to master the space between our ears! Author Ryan Munsey is a high performance advisor who works athletes, CEOs, and Special Forces Operators. This book will help you change your life!

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“Into Me See” by William Frank Diedrich

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Christine is both fighter and peacemaker. She questions everything. Mentored by her mother, she navigates the perilous teen years to become a true adult. Confronted with abuse, bullies, and manipulators she becomes the heroine of her own story. Into Me See is about the power a girl finds seeing into herself.

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“The Weekend Engagement” by Valerie Bloomer

Nick Moreau is a top gun car industry executive. He has everything, nice car, nice house, nice suits. Everything but a wife. Now, in order to keep it all, he has to get one for his birthday party. He enlists the help of Olivia to convince his parents he’s in a relationship and keep the position he worked so hard to gain. You won’t be able to put this provocative page-turner romance down as Valerie Bloomer tells a story with high tensions and relatable characters who find love despite the obstacles in their way.

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