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Featured Books

“War-Angel: Inner Demons: Secrets Revealed” by Matthew Carter

After awakening to a new life, Matthew finds himself surrounded by friends ready to fight the forces of evil. Unaware of the dangers that await them, they find themselves in many breathtaking situations and swallowed by the very darkness they want to destroy.

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Risky Traps” by Neal McChristy

Ever thought of running away? A young Cleveland woman flees the city in “Risky Traps,” a 65,000-word novel, and faces the opposing consequences of such a decision. This is a novel about the multiple sides to decisions we all make.

Becky Sexton owes the Mob $20,000. Mobster Guido Zamercelli confronts her for embezzlement. An attempted payback pirating movies fails. The couple and her parents flee to Nebraska, where her sister works. They enlist a freelancing computer hacker to evade being traced. When it becomes obvious that the family will be discovered, they seek help from the Nebraska locals. Homeland Security, the CIA and others investigate Zamercelli’s extensive network of hijacking, prostitution and drugs, which eventually leads to his undoing.

There is a subplot where a prostitute in one of Zamercelli’s brothels, Fawn Valesquez, uncovers a scheme where Zamercelli is importing Costa Rica underage females for prostitution. Homeland Security and CIA agents help her initiate the escape of the teens.
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Chase the Wild Hunt” by Jason Alexander

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Every one hundred years, the Wild Hunt indiscriminately attacks a gathering of people and slaughters those too slow to flee.

Astrid of Clan Lodjur seeks revenge against the Wild Hunt for the death of her mother at a gathering of clans. She has trained for combat against her father’s wishes for many years, yearning for the day she can chase down the foes she has come to hate. Unfortunately, her superstitious family refuses to help her.

Now, strangers have come to her homeland. Explorers from Saxon, England have arrived on Swedish shores after a terrible storm set them off-course. Among them, a mysterious scholar, also seeks to investigate the myth of the Wild Hunt. He has discovered that the day the Wild Hunt attacked the Swedish clans, their hundred-year cycle was broken.

Astrid and Andrew have joined together in an effort to discover the truth behind the Wild Hunt and their attacks. However, the road to investigating the supernatural is wroth with turmoil, and hardship. Will the pair learn to work together and reveal the mystery behind the generational attacks, or will they fail and find themselves trapped in the same cycle of violence that have plagued their kinds for over a hundred years?

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Enchanted” by Rosaline Morgan

Belle didn’t think her winter break plans could get any worse. After forcing herself to leave campus and go back to her hometown of Starling, a place where she endured years of torment by her mother, she gets caught in a chaotic snowstorm, causing her to crash her car in the middle of nowhere with no place to go except for the cabin she discovers in the woods. Upon entering the cabin, Belle is confronted by a man with a deformed face and numerous secrets.

Trapped by the storm raging outside, Belle is forced to stay with the man, prompting her to discover more things out of the ordinary. Voices come from objects, the man guards an enchanted rose in the backroom, and Belle is determined to find out the truth behind all of those mysterious things. Gradually, Belle starts to enjoy her time at the cabin with the man, who gradually opens up about his past as she confides in him about her own. She begins to see him for the man that he is on the inside, not his distorted appearance and wants to help him return to normal.

As secrets become revealed and troubles from their pasts come back to haunt them, they find themselves becoming closer, falling in love through the midst of the chaos surrounding them. However, Belle knows that the fate of their future hangs in the balance as the enchanted rose slowly dies, and his chance of turning back to normal gradually diminishes…

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“Temporal” by Versi

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Poetry, the brash and psychedelic kind.

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“Dear Beautiful, Positive Daily Letters To Encourage, Inspire and Motivate All Women” by Ashley Perkins

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Dear Beautiful, is a Book of Daily Letters created for You the Beautiful, Amazing, Strong Women that you are. The Dear Beautiful, Letters consists of Positive Affirmations, Good Vibes, Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Personal Growth for Women all around the World . Studies have shown that it takes exactly 66 days to form and change habits and behaviors . With reading this book, I invite you to be inspired, motivated, driven to form more positive thoughts and changes with these great words of encouragement, in your daily life.

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