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Featured Books

“555 – Buddha Quotes” by Charles B. Emerson 

Buddha Quotes for Inner Peace, Mindfulness, Happiness and Emotional Stability

There are people who transcend humanity, and Buddha is one of them. Born Siddharta Gautama, Buddha was a philosopher and teacher that started a philosophical movement called Buddhism.

Despite one’s religious affiliation, one cannot deny that Buddha is one of the most prominent spiritual leaders of humanity.

But there is a problem: enlightenment in the sense that Buddha achieved is difficult.

• In the many years that I practiced meditation, I realized that it makes perfect sense to gather the most prolific and valuable quotes from Buddha.

And that is what I will provide you in this book: 555 most valuable quotes from Buddha.

These quotes are inspirational. They talk about peace of mind and meditation. I used these quotes to help me through trying times.

When the world around me is in turmoil, when things go wrong or in the opposite direction, I rely on these quotes to give me hope.

What does this book do for you?

My intention is to share with you the powerful words of a Buddha.

• The quotes in this book allowed me to achieve inner peace—something that people struggle to achieve. These quotes are deep—they allowed me to achieve calmness, not only in spirit but also in body and mind.

• Every human being wants happiness. However, we are inundated by bad information. We have a false belief that we can achieve happiness by material means.

• For a time, these worldly expectations can give us satisfaction. However, this satisfaction is only for a fleeting moment. After that, we feel the same emptiness in our souls.

My intention is to help you get out of that hole. I wrote this book to help you achieve peace of mind, calmness, and true happiness.

To use this book, you have to read it every day. Choose a quote that applies to your situation or how you feel. From there, you have to meditate and think of that quote deeply.

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“Wish Granted: Infinite Ways to Get What You Desire” by Sabella Oshworth-Lovington

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“Ten out of ten. A guide to new thought that radically fills in the blanks that The Secret misses,” Dr Finn Carley, Spiritual Advisor

“A practical guide that brings to light what you need to know about the law of attraction,” Elissa McNally, Shaman

“Light workers, indigos, anyone interest in the law of attraction, new thought and mysticism simply must read this book, it will shine a light on ways to bring objects of desire into reality like a magnet,” Jo Shipperton, Healer

“Ten out of ten, I believe we should cover it in our coursework,” Dr Stan Reynoldson, metaphysics lecturer

Wish Granted: Infinite Ways to Get What You Desire will get your life out of a rut, and away from being a victim. You can finally realise that you can have whatever it is you desire, and you can create a vision of hope for your future.

Create and manifest abundance, success, money, love, beauty and be desirable. You can have whatever you want, just read this book and dare to dream.

A magnificent book and a great first effort for this stunning author, and she shows a depth of understanding like no other.

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“Cute Hoors” by TB McGlone

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After Baby Boomers and before Millennials there is a group sometimes referred to as Generation X. Stuck in the middle of two conflicting philosophies, those arriving on the planet in this timeline have had to grapple with a ghosted identity, managing tenuous connections to either side. Assuming they’d benefit from the inroads made by their more radical older brothers and sisters, these post baby-boomers grew up expecting to land as adults in a liberal and open-minded world, peace guiding the planet, love steering the stars, and mystic crystal revelation guiding us all to a hopeful future. Having invested America’s wealth into ending war, hunger, cancer, and taxes, scientists could now get down to the business of inventing the flying car. A major shift in political idealism in the early eighties canceled those promises, taking with it the security of valuing reason over profits, as well as any hope of mile-high drive-thru fast-food restaurants.

Matthew O’Connell wants justice. Reconciling an imagined future with the actual, this son of Irish immigrants plots a course in order to fulfill some version of the American dream in a land of shifting priorities. Expecting some sign to help guide him through the inconsistencies, the confusion, the theatre that is life, he leans on the familiar, only to discover that family, religion, social activism, sex, friendship, even the hallowed box that brings television, these constructions no longer hold answers. Nothing is as it should be, destiny is at best random, and at worst, firmly indifferent. He finds little comfort in uncovering this dreadful truth. Except that, occasionally, it isn’t so dreadful. And it is in that tiny bit of hope that he finds the gumption to go on.

Cute hoor /kjut huɹ/ meaning: a cultural concept in Ireland where a certain level of corruption is forgiven – or sometimes even applauded – of politicians, businessmen, or the artful rogue sitting at the end of the bar trying to pick up your sister.

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“The Weekend Engagement” by Valerie Bloomer

Nick Moreau is a top gun car industry executive. He has everything, nice car, nice house, nice suits. Everything but a wife. Now, in order to keep it all, he has to get one for his birthday party. He enlists the help of Olivia to convince his parents he’s in a relationship and keep the position he worked so hard to gain. You won’t be able to put this provocative page-turner romance down as Valerie Bloomer tells a story with high tensions and relatable characters who find love despite the obstacles in their way.

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Enchanted” by Rosaline Morgan

Belle didn’t think her winter break plans could get any worse. After forcing herself to leave campus and go back to her hometown of Starling, a place where she endured years of torment by her mother, she gets caught in a chaotic snowstorm, causing her to crash her car in the middle of nowhere with no place to go except for the cabin she discovers in the woods. Upon entering the cabin, Belle is confronted by a man with a deformed face and numerous secrets.

Trapped by the storm raging outside, Belle is forced to stay with the man, prompting her to discover more things out of the ordinary. Voices come from objects, the man guards an enchanted rose in the backroom, and Belle is determined to find out the truth behind all of those mysterious things. Gradually, Belle starts to enjoy her time at the cabin with the man, who gradually opens up about his past as she confides in him about her own. She begins to see him for the man that he is on the inside, not his distorted appearance and wants to help him return to normal.

As secrets become revealed and troubles from their pasts come back to haunt them, they find themselves becoming closer, falling in love through the midst of the chaos surrounding them. However, Belle knows that the fate of their future hangs in the balance as the enchanted rose slowly dies, and his chance of turning back to normal gradually diminishes…

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“Temporal” by Versi

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Poetry, the brash and psychedelic kind.

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“Dear Beautiful, Positive Daily Letters To Encourage, Inspire and Motivate All Women” by Ashley Perkins

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Dear Beautiful, is a Book of Daily Letters created for You the Beautiful, Amazing, Strong Women that you are. The Dear Beautiful, Letters consists of Positive Affirmations, Good Vibes, Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Personal Growth for Women all around the World . Studies have shown that it takes exactly 66 days to form and change habits and behaviors . With reading this book, I invite you to be inspired, motivated, driven to form more positive thoughts and changes with these great words of encouragement, in your daily life.

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