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Featured Books

“Lawfully Brave” by Jo Grafford

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Sergeant Luke Jordan and his squad of K9 handlers have successfully routed out so many enemy combatants that he’s become known throughout his military police unit as Sergeant Fang. When he and his dog, Hellion, travel home to Texas for Christmas, they’re looking forward to two weeks of well-earned and uninterrupted rest. They didn’t count on arriving home to the news headline of, Missing Child. All volunteers needed ASAP. However, he understands how important it is to find a missing person during the first twenty-four hours, so he and Hellion report to duty instead of vacation.

Coco Winslet has always loved animals and always dreamed of helping others, so it’s no surprise to anyone when the young veterinarian starts her own volunteer K9 search and rescue team after hours. They’ve been training for months to prepare for their first real mission. When Davy Henderson goes missing on the last day of school before winter break, she can’t refuse the call for volunteers — even though she’s supposed to be on a plane home to California.

Though Luke is impressed by the commitment of Coco’s volunteers during the holidays, he worries about their lack of experience in the first crisis they encounter together. Meanwhile, Coco is so busy trying to prove her team is up to the task, that she takes an unnecessary risk…or two.

He finds himself juggling two teams who’ve never worked together, mounting dangers, and a growing attraction to a very determined young woman as they race to solve this latest amber alert before it’s too late.

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“38 Years of My Guru’s Presence: An Autobiography of an Unapproved Psychic” by Ramesh V J

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Wanted to become Psychic? or Interested to know the mind of a Psychic? or You want to come out of depression? or You want to grow personally and professionally? or wanted to know the benefits of Meditations and Yoga? This book is for you. For so many years I resisted sharing all my phenomenal things that happened in my lifetime. But on 19th Oct 2019 2 days after my 38th birthday, something inside me whispered, ‘It’s time to materialize your declaration of touching and inspiring at least 2.5 Crore lives on or before Aug 29, 2026.’ The voice is so feeble but strong. I thought to myself, ‘am I ready to write my autobiography?’ I got the message, ‘Great people do things before they are ready – Amy Poehler’ in my social media. I consider it’s a message from the whole Cosmos which acts as my Guru. The Psychic privileges I got were the outcome of my vision. If you want to live an extraordinary life or to transform a certain area of your life, then this book will shed light on your uncharted dark regions. The context of the book is not to show what I got, it is an open message to everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter whatever tunnel you are stuck right now. I belong to the whole cosmos as She is the one who taught me plenty of intangible things so far. I have created an online 48 days coaching program called 1 Mandalam (48 days) Program. I don’t know your future but I can give my word that if you are coachable and ready to endeavor, we can create your future you want instead of predicting it.

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“Centurion Justice II” by Ronald White

Centurion Justice 2, he’s back, as if Christ called him from the grave with a pimp cane and a 38. It’s time for you to wake up from your fairy tale. You’ve been listening to ‘His’ story to long. Now it’s time for you to hear the truth. The truth about that brother, that ice cold covered, draped in black brother, C-note stacked brother, no patience or forgiveness for a stab you in the neck, shoot you in the back brother. The come after a kkracker when he done wrong by a brother, brother. The you don’t know me like that if you wasn’t raised by my momma brother.The if your name ain’t in the book of life I’ll make you dead for life brother. The smooth as the cream out the tube brother. Ripped and tight, got a girl for every night, but would trade it all for one he could do right brother. The John 3:16 brother, that would light you up with the nine millimeter with the triple beam brother. The give-the-ladies-they’re-pleasure brother, the come back with the treasure brother. Take a feen for a one way ride brother, a do what it take Bonnie and Clyde brother. He smart, got degrees brother. He ain’t no shuffling jiggaboo, he ain’t gone put on a show just to entertain you brother. He here to make it right, he’ll stay at it if it take all night. He’s Justice, not just out for justice, he’s Justice, Centurion Justice.

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“The Secret Life After Her & Her” by Natasha Brown

Sex, pleasure, love. Jessica loved all these aspects of life and the good things it had to offer. She was a free spirit who cherished all the pleasures she could immerse herself in. A fine, sexy and intelligent individual, Jessica was one who had an open heart, loving deeply and willing to explore new things. Although she had always found herself attracted to beautiful women, she never believed she would be in a relationship or in love with one. That, however, was exactly what happened when she came across the bold and amatory Michaela. Things initially being rosy and passionate, Jessica thought she had found the one, but soon, the beautiful and deep connection the two women had formed between each other came crashing down. Physically and mentally scarred after her bittersweet relationship with Michaela, Jessica finds love again in the arms of another female, Julia. A complete contrast to Michaela, Julia was collected and caring, and Jessica felt she could finally settle down. Eventually, she began to realize this relationship was no better than the one she was in prior, and despite Julia and she having different problems from her former lover, the relationship ended the same way.

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“An Imperfect Crime” by Fred G. Baker

The perfect crime turns into the perfect tragedy for a trio of young writers desperate to get their book published. They will do anything to get noticed, even murder. But it all goes wrong. Two of them disappear and one is executed for a crime he did not commit.

Only one man, Father Guillermo Montero, a priest with a past, believes the prisoner’s pleas of innocence. Together with a young female detective in the Phoenix Police Department named Lori Sanchez, they determine to solve the mystery and prove he is innocent. Drugs, gangs, guns and sex; a mysterious woman; and a Mexican drug Cartel all cross paths with the investigation, leading them through a morass of crime in southern Arizona to a serial killer.

Part Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and part Dirty Harry, the story twists and turns as Detective Sanchez and Father Montero keep you guessing.

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“The Rainman Vol 1” by Genevi Engle

Evan Strauss is a man burned and refined by tragedy and loss. After the mysterious death of his wife, he hops upon the other side of the justice board, quitting the force and becoming a bounty hunter for the small city. After making a name for himself, an entity known as the Rainman makes himself known, not only taking down the high-rolling criminals of the city, but even snatching up Evan’s bounties. Furious, Evan accepts a bounty offer from an individual not affiliated with law enforcement. Track down the Rainman, reveal their identity and turn them in. What he doesn’t realize is that in accepting the offer, he has implemented himself in a deadly set up between him, a murder witness and the town’s most deadliest drug kingpin, who’s desperate to clean up any loose ends of a crime that may connect to Evan’s wife’s murder.

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“Phoenix Rising” by KD Waring

Samantha and Sean were living an ideal life in New York City, until the day bodies were discovered under the Verrazano Bridge overpass. With her cousin’s personal belongings among the items discovered at the dumping site, Sam and Sean set out on a dangerous journey to discover the truth and identify the killer before he strikes again. But as the duo dig deeper into the case and the search for the culprit uncovers a conspiracy at the highest levels of the NYPD, the threat to their safety becomes real. Finding the killer is only one problem for the couple who must quickly decide who they can and cannot trust as they travel down the rabbit hole and uncover the seedy side of the City.

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