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Featured Books

“The “L-Model” of Leadership: A Concise Method To Achieve Effective Leadership” by Charles Ayden

The “L-Model” of Leadership is easy to follow and provides a simple, definitive seven-step process that outlines how to become an effective leader in today’s public and private sector organizations. Through a myriad of detailed examples it presents the reader with a roadmap towards becoming and maintaining successful leadership. The “L-Model” is succinct, accurate, and an outstanding method that offers a concise proven path that other leadership books have yet to illustrate. No matter your level of experience, the “L-Model” will capture your attention and arm you with tangible skills that you can immediately employ.

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“Wisdom Worth Spreading” by  Mohammed Baldiwala

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This little book of wisdom, written from the perspective of a father to his son, offers a blunt take on the subject called life. Be ready to face harsh truths. Author Mohammed Baldiwala strips away at what he calls our “artificial” world to get directly to the heart of reality. He challenges social norms and slaps down meaningless traditions.

There is a reason you find yourself holding this book at this very moment, and it’s certainly not luck or chance. Whatever the chain of events that led you here, you are now present with a decision. Will you choose to open to the pages within?

Dive deep into these pages and find yourself. Find what calls you, what pulls you, what brings you alive. And then, bring that to the world. The world needs you now more than ever, anchored in your own Ultimate Truth.

In these pages, you will discover wisdom on how to:

  •  Make your dream a reality
  •  Live in pure happiness and contentment
  •  Find clarity if you are struggling to find meaning in your life
  •  Fulfill all your desires and live a life full of passion, purpose, and love
  •  Play the game of life and win

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“Dear Beautiful, Positive Daily Letters To Encourage, Inspire and Motivate All Women” by Ashley Perkins

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Dear Beautiful, is a Book of Daily Letters created for You the Beautiful, Amazing, Strong Women that you are. The Dear Beautiful, Letters consists of Positive Affirmations, Good Vibes, Motivation, Encouragement, Inspiration, and Personal Growth for Women all around the World . Studies have shown that it takes exactly 66 days to form and change habits and behaviors . With reading this book, I invite you to be inspired, motivated, driven to form more positive thoughts and changes with these great words of encouragement, in your daily life.

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