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Featured Books

“Sex: The Top 76 Facts You Need To Know To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life” by Jacqueline K. Wilson

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How to be good at sex and many more questions have been asked throughout history. But now, because of the internet and vast amount of research that is done at Universities all over the world, we know a lot more about this subject. This book is written for the average person that wants to know more about sex – fun facts, myths, statistics or how to just be better in bed. 
A true fact that might interest you even before reading this book. You don’t need to be perfect or have to look like a celebrity to be awesome at it. You just need to have the balls to do it and the knowledge about how to do it.

What you’ll get out of this book:
• More than 100 scientific studies in one easy-to-read ebook
• Academically proven ways of how to increase the quality of your sex life
• Entertainment and 20 fun facts that will blow your mind
• Ways how sex is related to health and what you have to look out for
• Revealed myths that you might have thought to be true

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“KATALIA CAN” by Terence Goodman

Come join Katalia as she accomplishes every day tasks from getting ready for school to counting her ABC’s and 123’s.

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“Keto Step by Step” by Mazzie Wilson

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Keto doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s pretty simple. 

In this book, you will find a step by step method for getting started and succeeding with the ketogenic diet. Whether you are a beginner in the ketogenic lifestyle or trying to get back into it after a failed attempt, this guide will let you move forward in a methodical, simple way. No confusion, no unnecessary complexity.

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“When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Children’s Tale” by Stella A. Wright

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Finding a prince (or a princess) is never easy. Especially if you’re a real prince already! Or a famous actress, come to think of it. “When Harry met Meghan” is a full colour, illustrated book for children telling the royal tale of how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met, became engaged and married. When you’re in the public eye, your life isn’t completely your own. It’s hard to find time alone. Or to be together without anyone finding out. Especially when you are hounded by photographers and pestered by reporters. Now all age groups can enjoy the story of how Harry and Meghan managed to carve out a part of their life just for themselves. No matter your age, it’s important to know some fairy tales come true. Full colour picture book.

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“Pumpkin Pie” by Katelyn Brawn

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Happily ever after is possible. It’s getting there that’s hard.

For no one is this more true than high school senior, Michelle “Elle” Conner. Elle is a simple, hard working girl from a small town in the middle of East Jesus Nowhere. Cast as a secondary character in her own life, Elle lives in the constant shadow of her annoying twin sisters. Her mother’s cold shoulder coupled with her father’s absence leaves Elle feeling isolated in her own home. Her one escape is waitressing at the local pie shop, Hap-PIE-ly Ever After.

Despite her hardships, a surprising accident during senior year turns everything on its ear. Once upon a time she was nobody, but perhaps her fairytale is closer than she thinks.

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“A Modern Romance” by Sherrie Lynn

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This collection of short stories really captures the essence of romance in the modern age. The story lines draw you in and envelope you each in their own unique way. 

Three short stories plus one Bonus Short. A New Introduction and links to more works by the author. Meet Shaleah Hart & Eddie Lancing… Eddie was her high school sweetheart but things didn’t work out. Now years later He is back in town. Can Shaleah & Eddie find their way back to each other? Meet Tyre & The Twins in MR II. Tyre’s luck start to change after meeting former police detective Breona Wells and her twin. Can they put their past behind them and find true love? Fashion designer Felicitee know she is a mortal being who desire to love and be loved. Could Ronan Babtiste be that man? Say hello to Soren & Tanis, old friends attempting to sort out their friendship in a changing world. A Dialog driven, Rhyming Romance. With a very nice choice of diction, this collection of short stories really captures the essence of romance in the modern age.

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“Seven” by Allison Angel

 ‘Seven’ is a hot new psychological thriller about a beautiful high school girl who’s captured by a sex trafficking ring. Whenever you think you know what’s going to happen next, there’s a new twist, darker than the last. Soon to be a major motion picture.

Slavery only happens to the others…

“Fill it,” he ordered, pointing his gun at me, and I immediately started stuffing the bills into the bag. “Jorge, go get me a rag,” the man demanded.

Jorge returned with a disgusting-looking towel that might have been yellow once and handed it to the man. 

“Jorge, tonight is your lucky night,” the man said. “I’m going to take the $17,000.”

Jorge looked up, and he might have been smiling, but it was tough to tell with his nose bent awkwardly to the side and practically glowing red.

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“The Million Dollar Idea” by W.T. Hamilton

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Where the F**k Do I Start?!?!?

Everyone has a Million Dollar Idea but most ideas never become anything more than a great thought. It’s not because the idea wasn’t good enough, it is because the idea didn’t have enough details to make it become something more. The problem is, most people don’t know where the F**k to start!

This book is about giving your Million Dollar Idea a good F**Kin’ start! It’s the story about an ambitious entrepreneur who was ready to run but had no idea in which direction to run or if running was even the best place to begin. Anyone can start the wrong way but not very many start the right way. 

If you have a great idea, a spectacular idea or a really F**kin’ Awesome idea then read this book so you can give it the right F**Kin’ start it deserves. 

And if you don’t have any ideas, read this book and you will soon find yourself with a head full of Million Dollar Ideas!

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“How to read the Bible” by H.K. Holland

God speaks through the Bible. It is the major tool of communication by which he addresses individuals today. In this hilarious, witty and short book, Holland explores how to read the Bible through the stories of the Bible.

He does it boldly by exploring four radical stories which could change the way you read the Bible. And these four stories explore:

The Bible is supposed to be understood by everyone. And the insights from these stories will clear up a lot of question marks in the minds of any seeking, to fully understand the book.

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“Djinn” by Nikki Roberts

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Supernatural powers, witch-doctors, black magic, and a beautiful woman are all a heady mix in the first book of the Alex Knight series.

Alex Knight discovers he has a gift at an early age. Able to manifest things out of thin air, shape-shift and mess with time are wonderful playthings until he accidentally unleashes a savage demonic entity into the world.

The Demon is hunting him and everyone he loves, including his half-sister Julia, who communes with the dead.

His quest to destroy it takes him to a deadly tropical paradise, ancient ruins and a bewitching woman who harbours secrets of her own. Together, the three of them have to battle with the abhorrent Demon, not only to save themselves but to stop humanity being torn apart.

Please Note: This book is intended for mature audiences due to language, and some sexual content.

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“Donna and Dermot on the Move ” by Hilda Kalap and Jamie-Leigh O’Neill

 Donna is always smiling – even when she falls off her bike, even when her older brother pulls her hair, even when the sky is full of grey clouds. Together with her dog Dermot by her side, the two explore the countryside around their home, having lots of fun.

Then one day Donna’s parents move far away to the smoky city and everything changes. 

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“Use Your Power to Design the Next Part:: A Guide to Understanding Traditional & Roth IRA’s” by Matt Alexander 

Learn All About How You Can SECURE A Great Retirement & A Great Future

You’ve worked hard all your life and now’s the time to retire. You lay your eyes on your retirement benefits and you are shocked with what you see. How can all your life’s struggles and efforts lead you to simple mediocrity? Or worse…

If you don’t want this to be you in a few years or decades, you need to be armed with the information that will help you put a great retirement strategy at play, starting right NOW.

From comparing traditional IRA to Roth IRA accounts and helping you understand the benefits of investing in both, all the way to showing you how beneficial donating IRA distributions to charity can be, this retirement guide is a must-read, especially for business owners.

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“The Big Book of Vintage Movie Posters (3 Book Series)” by Douglas DeLong

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This is a three-volume set of beautiful vintage hand-painted movie posters. The entire set consists of over 600 high-resolution images that have been digitally-enhanced in order to give them maximum impact. Most posters represent movies from the first three decades of the 20th century.

These days most movie posters use photographs of scenes or characters from the movie but before the 1990s most movie posters employed hand-painted art to depict the scenes or characters. And they didn’t skimp on the budget for the art department, hiring well-known artists to paint their posters, which had become an integral part of movie studio advertising. Unfortunately for the artists, they were rarely given credit for their work, with their signatures almost never appearing on the poster. 

Posters have been used almost from the very beginning of film exhibitions, with the first poster being made for L’Arroseur Arrose, an 1895 movie by the Lumiere brothers in France. Today, movie posters are traditionally displayed inside or outside of the theater where the movie is playing, as well as in various media for advertising purposes, although these days many theaters use video displays instead of paper posters. 

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The Way of Achievers: How to live a successful life, gain financial freedom, and create your own business” by Maitha Alshamsi

It is time to leave your fears and doubts behind and embrace the way of achievers. If you are looking to become financially free, succeed and achieve your goals, and/or start your own business, then this book is for you. Throughout your life, you constantly have choices to make, and what you choose, what you believe, and how you spend your time determines whether you are an achiever. In The Way of Achievers, Al Shamsi candidly shares her own failures, successes, and the lessons she learned to help you become an achiever.
Learn how to achieve more in your life by:

•Embracing child-like beliefs
•Creating your vision and making and completing goals to achieve it
•Planning for success by using the effortless formula
•Becoming financially free
•Creating your own business and other income generating machines
•Systemizing your business, allowing you freedom and flexibility
•Overcoming obstacles that stand in your way
•Investing in yourself through lifelong learning opportunities
In this guide, peppered with anecdotes of one woman’s powerful journey towards financial freedom and achievement, you will discover your own path for success. Complete with coaching exercises, worksheets, and coaching tips, you will feel personally guided throughout your own journey.

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