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Featured Books

“Letters From The Universe: The Framework of Everything and a Cosmic Guidance to Love, Life and Beyond” by Geo Douglas

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Letters from the Universe presents a new, simplistic framework for this vast expanse we exist in. By understanding the cosmos and knowing how everything began, we can emulate the ways of the universe and orchestrate a beautiful symphony of life, love and happiness. 

If you observe, listen, and go with the flow of energy, you will discover a cosmic connection and embark on a love affair with both nature and an inner-awareness that will resonate with purity and beauty for the rest of your days on planet Earth—and beyond into the afterlife.

The universe is speaking. It’s time to listen.

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The Duke’s Wayward Daughter

As Ameliå, the Countess of Darkwater approaches her twenty-fourth birthday, she is finding it harder and harder to control her amorous cravings.

Once she arrives at her father’s castle, she is forced to deal with court intrigue, unwanted proposals, the threat of raiders from the North and her ladies-in-waiting numerous illicit liaisons.

Further complicating the matter, her father Duke Osgyth the Just, has recently hired a young mysterious eighteen-year-old man named Currán, that on sight causes Ameliå fantasies of unending carnal delight.

What everyone else has to deal with is the fact that Ameliå never stops until she receives what she wishes and she is no silly damsel that needs rescuing.

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“The Retired Landlord” by  Cody Krell

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Real estate is primarily a business and not a profession. 

A profession is a disciplined unit of individuals who adhere strictly to ethical standards. This individual tends to possess specialized knowledge and skills that have been derived from research, education, and training at a high level to protect the interest of the public; whereas a business is an organization entity engaged in a commercial or industrial enterprise for the benefit of profit. 

Unlike a profession that requires skilled and knowledgeable individuals, a business doesn’t. Instead what is needed is his/her ‘interest.’ However welcoming this sounds, the success, and failure of this venture which results in either a reward or loss is to be enjoyed alone, unlike a profession whose reward is shared with others., be it profit or loss. 

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“Don’t Throw The Rice Yet” by Leslie Trotter

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Rachel Gallagher had plenty of hopes and dreams; that she felt was about to manifest in her life. She was about to walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams; when the groom suddenly develops cold feet. He wanted out of the relationship, and because of this, it devastated Rachel to where she wanted to end her life. With the revelation of God by a stranger, will Rachel ever find God? Will she find out what true love entails? 

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The Way of Achievers: How to live a successful life, gain financial freedom, and create your own business” by Maitha Alshamsi

It is time to leave your fears and doubts behind and embrace the way of achievers. If you are looking to become financially free, succeed and achieve your goals, and/or start your own business, then this book is for you. Throughout your life, you constantly have choices to make, and what you choose, what you believe, and how you spend your time determines whether you are an achiever. In The Way of Achievers, Al Shamsi candidly shares her own failures, successes, and the lessons she learned to help you become an achiever.
Learn how to achieve more in your life by:

•Embracing child-like beliefs
•Creating your vision and making and completing goals to achieve it
•Planning for success by using the effortless formula
•Becoming financially free
•Creating your own business and other income generating machines
•Systemizing your business, allowing you freedom and flexibility
•Overcoming obstacles that stand in your way
•Investing in yourself through lifelong learning opportunities
In this guide, peppered with anecdotes of one woman’s powerful journey towards financial freedom and achievement, you will discover your own path for success. Complete with coaching exercises, worksheets, and coaching tips, you will feel personally guided throughout your own journey.

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