May 31, 2018

The G-Spot Orgasm

“The G-Spot Orgasm” by Samantha Suede A self help guide written specifically for women and their partners who want to learn to unlock and unleash the sexual […]
May 31, 2018

How to save $100,000 by 30

“How to save $100,000 by 30: Guaranteed” by James Kwan Do you have 100K in your bank account right now?  With this book, you can change your […]
May 31, 2018

The Procrastination Antidote

“The Procrastination Antidote: A Permanent Solution To Cure Procrastination, Secrets To Master Your Time” by Zane Herring Do you find yourself constantly procrastinating? Do you often feel […]
May 30, 2018

Minimalism, Minimalist Living

“Minimalism, Minimalist Living” by Gerald Culligan Minimalism is a lifestyle that stands in sharp contrast to the conventional lifestyle of consumerism that most people practice. There are […]
May 30, 2018

Perfect Chemistry

“Perfect Chemistry” by Laura Jayden I shook my head, and I was assured that Cyrus would have a reason to glance at my side one of […]
May 30, 2018

If Life Had A Backdoor

“If Life Had A Backdoor” by Craig A Folsom In 1984 I was 13 years old when a life altering event would happen that would change my […]
May 29, 2018

Melania Trump

“Melania Trump: The Slovenian Side of the Story” by Sandi Gorisek | Website | Author | Twitter | This book is a tribute to “good old times” […]
May 29, 2018

The College Dropout’s Guide to Killing Procrastination

“The College Dropout’s Guide to Killing Procrastination” by Justin Lum-Tai | Website | This is a how-to kill procrastination tutorial. A simple effective guide to defeating one […]
May 28, 2018

Sleepy Time For Captain Eris

“Sleepy Time For Captain Eris” by Margret A. Treiber | Website | Facebook | Sleepy Time for Captain Eris is an action-packed story of superheroes, artificial intelligence, […]