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November 29, 2019
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December 5, 2019

“38 Years of My Guru’s Presence: An Autobiography of an Unapproved Psychic” by Ramesh V J

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Wanted to become Psychic? or Interested to know the mind of a Psychic? or You want to come out of depression? or You want to grow personally and professionally? or wanted to know the benefits of Meditations and Yoga? This book is for you. For so many years I resisted sharing all my phenomenal things that happened in my lifetime. But on 19th Oct 2019 2 days after my 38th birthday, something inside me whispered, ‘It’s time to materialize your declaration of touching and inspiring at least 2.5 Crore lives on or before Aug 29, 2026.’ The voice is so feeble but strong. I thought to myself, ‘am I ready to write my autobiography?’ I got the message, ‘Great people do things before they are ready – Amy Poehler’ in my social media. I consider it’s a message from the whole Cosmos which acts as my Guru. The Psychic privileges I got were the outcome of my vision. If you want to live an extraordinary life or to transform a certain area of your life, then this book will shed light on your uncharted dark regions. The context of the book is not to show what I got, it is an open message to everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter whatever tunnel you are stuck right now. I belong to the whole cosmos as She is the one who taught me plenty of intangible things so far. I have created an online 48 days coaching program called 1 Mandalam (48 days) Program. I don’t know your future but I can give my word that if you are coachable and ready to endeavor, we can create your future you want instead of predicting it.

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