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October 22, 2021
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“555 – Buddha Quotes” by Charles B. Emerson 

Buddha Quotes for Inner Peace, Mindfulness, Happiness and Emotional Stability

There are people who transcend humanity, and Buddha is one of them. Born Siddharta Gautama, Buddha was a philosopher and teacher that started a philosophical movement called Buddhism.

Despite one’s religious affiliation, one cannot deny that Buddha is one of the most prominent spiritual leaders of humanity.

But there is a problem: enlightenment in the sense that Buddha achieved is difficult.

• In the many years that I practiced meditation, I realized that it makes perfect sense to gather the most prolific and valuable quotes from Buddha.

And that is what I will provide you in this book: 555 most valuable quotes from Buddha.

These quotes are inspirational. They talk about peace of mind and meditation. I used these quotes to help me through trying times.

When the world around me is in turmoil, when things go wrong or in the opposite direction, I rely on these quotes to give me hope.

What does this book do for you?

My intention is to share with you the powerful words of a Buddha.

• The quotes in this book allowed me to achieve inner peace—something that people struggle to achieve. These quotes are deep—they allowed me to achieve calmness, not only in spirit but also in body and mind.

• Every human being wants happiness. However, we are inundated by bad information. We have a false belief that we can achieve happiness by material means.

• For a time, these worldly expectations can give us satisfaction. However, this satisfaction is only for a fleeting moment. After that, we feel the same emptiness in our souls.

My intention is to help you get out of that hole. I wrote this book to help you achieve peace of mind, calmness, and true happiness.

To use this book, you have to read it every day. Choose a quote that applies to your situation or how you feel. From there, you have to meditate and think of that quote deeply.

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