Books Of The Month

July 23, 2019

Comes The Awakening

“Comes The Awakening (Kents/Lander Series Book 1)” by C. K. Phillips What if your vacation were interrupted when a global terrorist plot washed up on the […]
July 19, 2019

A Trade of Flesh

“A Trade of Flesh: Novella One (The Seven Hands Series Book 1)” by Brandyn Harnage A Trade of Flesh – Novella 1 Deep in the wild […]
July 18, 2019

Be Fearless Be Wonderful Be You

“Be Fearless Be Wonderful Be You” by Jalesia Packnett When reading this book you are going to feel secure and confident for sure. My mission is […]
July 13, 2019

The Secrets of Kabbalah

“The Secrets of Kabbalah – Manfiest Your Deepest Fantasies”  — “According to Kabbalah, we live and dwell in a world of vibrations; we are entirely engulfed […]
July 8, 2019

The World Shaker

“The World Shaker” by Abby Dewsnup “My parents used to tell me that the outside world spoke to them. I never understood what they meant until […]
July 7, 2019

Thin, and I

“Thin, and I” by Andrijka Keller  | Instagram | When Andrijka (An-dree-kah) Keller was just 15 years old, she was diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa Disorder, Major […]
July 4, 2019

Time Travel

“Time Travel” by Roxanne San Jose | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | GoodReads | Angelie Thompson invented a time machine in 2015 and […]
July 2, 2019


“Fariidinus Book 1: Wings of the Exile” by  L.E. Parr Kirin, a young fairy, is judged and condemned to the knife. After her wings are removed, […]
June 30, 2019

Southern Attraction

“Southern Attraction: The College Years” by Tracy Kauffman Southern Attraction-The College Years continues the journey with Heather Brandon and her amazing boyfriend Jake as they go […]