April 8, 2019
The ART of Automation
April 15, 2019

“Bullied” by Andre “Dre” Cooper

“While contemplating on how to frame the
story and from which angle to come from, I came to realize
that the bully issue was not just a kid problem, but an American
issue that had no age limit. I thought about the professional football
player from the Miami Dolphins who had been bullied. The kids and,
or teenagers that committed suicide because they couldn’t handle
the pressure of being bullied on the social media networks and other
incidents that had been televised over the past years. America still
hasn’t come up with a solution to the problem and this fact had me
puzzled. How could the United States with all these great minds living
amongst us not have an answer to this very serious dilemma? It’s a
great question that we, as Americans, have failed to properly answer.”

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