Science Fiction & Fantasy

June 13, 2018

Outcast Fey

“Outcast Fey” by Tiffany Shand | Author | Can love really exist in a world divided by race? After escaping from Elmira and completing her last mission, […]
June 9, 2018

Clear Sky

“Clear Sky: Book 1 of Painting the Mists” by Patrick G Laplante | Facebook | Twitter | Du Cha Ming was a normal person. Going with the […]
June 5, 2018

The Dark God’s Bride Trilogy

“The Dark God’s Bride Trilogy” by Dahlia L. Summers An ancient god on a destructive path of vengeance… Imprisoned by the Archangel Lucifer ages ago, the Dark […]
May 28, 2018

Sleepy Time For Captain Eris

“Sleepy Time For Captain Eris” by Margret A. Treiber | Website | Facebook | Sleepy Time for Captain Eris is an action-packed story of superheroes, artificial intelligence, […]
May 23, 2018


“Icarus” by  David K. Hulegaard | Website | It’s the winter of 1947 in Ashley Falls, West Virginia, and a teenage girl has gone missing. Local private […]
May 11, 2018

The Power Vested in Me

“The Power Vested in Me Book 2 Part 2 The Seekers” by A J King | Website | Twitter | As sleep sweeps them under, a new […]
May 5, 2018

Faces of Betrayal

“Faces of Betrayal: Symphonies of Sun & Moon Saga Book 1” by Daniele Cella – Alessio Manneschi In a world filled with treachery, everyone plays a role.  […]
April 30, 2018


“SNOW: Journey through the Mystic Forest” by Josef E. Silvia | Author | Facebook | Helseba, the evil witch of Faerydale is stricken of all her power […]
April 23, 2018

The Desert Son Trilogy

“The Desert Son Trilogy” by Glenn Maynard | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Desert Son, Wayward Soul, Spiritual Intervention (Books 1-3) Carter Spence is a 26 […]