Choice of The Alpha

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June 13, 2022
Acid Rain
June 23, 2022

“Choice of The Alpha” by Alexia Johnson

Lexi is just about to turn 18. Her life couldn’t be better. She has amazing friends and lives in a big city. Until, one day her mother tells her they are moving to a small town in the middle of the forest. Her whole life comes crashing down around her.

One day, while running through the woods, Lexi gets an intense pain and passes out. When she wakes up, she is covered in dirt and blood, and suddenly has a voice in her head. That voice tells her she is a wolf and that they are two parts of a whole. Lexi confronts her mother only to get more news. Her grandparents ran the pack, and now that she’s changed she is expected to choose a mate and run the pack as well.

Can she change her fate and make her own decisions? Can she convince the pack to let her rule alone? Can she help the other pack in town? Why can’t she stop thinking about the Alpha of the other pack?

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