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July 15, 2020
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July 22, 2020

Delphine” by Bill Bradshaw

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As a child, Laura Brady was sent to live with relatives in Burlington, Ontario. Her family in Ireland was never discussed and no explanation was ever given as to why she had been abandoned by them. Now a successful author, Laura is informed that her biological mother is dying, and she travels back in search of answers. She arrives in the rural Irish town of Drumasheen, County Clare and attempts to establish her own history but in doing so, she learns of a dark force within the family.In 1914 her grandfather, Edward Brady, went to war but, in the mountains above Gallipoli he encountered an unholy presence referred to as ‘Iblis’ in the tales of Turkish folklore, the fallen angel, the devourer. What returned home from the battlefields was an abomination that violated and abused. When Edward passed, it was hoped that the evil had died with him but, as Laura investigates further, she uncovers a decades old mystery filled with death and despair. Now that she is here, forces are at work to ensure she never leaves.Told in dual timelines, Delphine looks at the loyalty of family, the horrors of war and at the insidious evil that has bound them together.

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