Era of the Beautiful Women

Intermittent Fasting
November 23, 2017
The Doctor’s Nanny
January 30, 2018


 “Era of the Beautiful Women (Natural Beauty, Self improvement, Healthy Style of Life, Happiness)” by Valeria Johnson

In this book I’ll be sharing stories of women who have come to adopt different lifestyles, and the results they came by. You’ll also get to see how decisions made in the past can affect the present, and how much the future can be changed by our present daily habits. You get to see how greatly little changes can make all the difference!

It is very possible that you think that the wayward girl is that way because she was abused as a toddler. You might even think that she throws herself at men because her parents who were always at loggerheads were too engrossed to show her the love every daughter deserves from her parents, especially her dad whom we call her first love. The shocking thing is that most times, these women are not products of drunk dads or stay away from home moms. They are a making of themselves.Have you entered a restaurant before and saw a sixteen year old placing an order for food that your whole family feeds on? I’m sure you were taken aback when you eventually found out that all that heap was for her. You know, I hear a lot of ladies boast that they are too busy to work out or take the stairs when there’s an elevator just by the side. It’s funny how a lady who has her face covered in acne would tell her friends that she’s sorry, she can’t ‘apply some smelly stuff’ on her face. ‘With time, it would go away, plus make up can cover it up,’ she says, not realizing that the makeup which at the long run damages the skin actually does very little of the covering. I think the problem is that many of us lead our lives nonchalantly.

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