Flying The Talk

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August 19, 2019
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August 24, 2019

“Flying The Talk: When Passion and Destiny Collide” by Van Guilder, J. Griffin

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When Passion and Destiny Collide

Vivacious public speaker and hypnotist Nicole Vanderkelen,

has just returned to Boston after the break-up of her marriage. Financially ruined, and with a gaping hole in her heart, she strives endlessly to succeed professionally and to serve humanity.

Broke and lonely, Nicole enlists the services of Boston’s #1 Telephone Dateline in search of friends and bedmates. The phone line provides an endless supply of amazing dates and the opportunity to listen to men’s wildest sexual desires. Struggling to pay her bills, she decides to write a book about the sex fantasies and conversations she hears on the line.

Nicole goes to work jotting down erotic fantasies, descriptions, and phone numbers in her little black journal. That same journal also contains her international travel notes, poetry, and her hypnosis clients’ phone numbers. Months into the writing process, her little black book is lost. After weeks of searching, she gives up hope of its return. Desperate for relief from grief and despair, Nicole’s drugs of choice become serial dating and risky sex.

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