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“The Dark God’s Bride Trilogy” by Dahlia L. Summers

An ancient god on a destructive path of vengeance…

Imprisoned by the Archangel Lucifer ages ago, the Dark God Summit wants nothing less than equivalent retribution. After breaking free and retaining some splintered shards of his sanity, Summit set out to confront Lucifer. The Archangel is nowhere to be found. He has, however, left behind his coveted mortal bride. Summit storms into Hell to capture Lucifer’s one and only weakness, but inadvertently, he abducts the wrong girl.

Now Summit must deal with a fiery young mortal named Amara and keep his sanity in check. As the mortal tears at both his patience and sanity, romance unexpectedly develops and interferes with his scheme.

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“From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Transform the Life You Have into the Life You Love” by Charlene Dior Blandon

Do you find yourself wishing life could be different? Do you wonder what the secret to reaching your fullest potential is or how you can create the life of your dreams? 

The answer you’ve been seeking can be summarized in one word. Growth. 

If there is something that you want for your life that is currently out of reach the solution is to grow. This book will teach you how. When you adopt a lifestyle of personal growth you consistently push past roadblocks, gain new knowledge and skills, and position yourself to be unstoppable. 

Through a mix of tough love, inspiration, and practical tips you will learn: 

– How to expand your vision of what’s possible for your life so you can reach your fullest potential 
– The SOAR model for setting effective boundaries across every area of your life 
– How to be content where you are on the way to where you want to be 
– How to manifest your heart’s desires 
– How to grow into the person you need to be to transform the life you have into the life you love

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“Sisterhood of the Broken, (Cassie Wheaton Forensic Psychologist, Book 1)” by CL Serabia

How far would you go to protect your sister?
Would you lie? Would you steal? Would you…kill?

Forensic psychologist, Dr. Cassie Wheaton is about to find out.
Broken and bitter, after a tragedy she thinks she could have prevented, she’s lost herself in self-loathing. Desperate for a change, she agrees to take on a new case, in a new town. That’s where she meets the Dantes sisters. She soon finds out, sisters with secrets form powerful bonds, and probing too deep might just get her killed.

If you like dark psychological thrillers, with strong, but flawed women, “Sisterhood of the Broken” is just what the doctor ordered.

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