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June 17, 2020
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June 24, 2020

“Happiness Is Free: 21 Principles to Experience It the Easy Way” by Provin Kami

The best and most beautiful things in the world like love, peaceful mind, positive attitude, compassion, forgiveness are free absolutely free. This is what adds up to free happiness in our life.

Happiness lies within us in our attitude, compassion, right action and conduct. However, we search for it outside like Deer who has fragrance in its navel but run after hither to thither thinking that the fragrance lies out there. You have to choose between Out-there-happiness tagged with moving milestones or Right-here-happiness strung with happiness moment.

There are three broad aspects enjoying free happiness the easy way: (i) Understanding the concept of happiness; (ii) Happiness with self; and (ii) Happiness with others. We need to understand that pleasure hunting is road to misery and material prosperity after certain level is no guarantee of emotional prosperity. You need to be happy with your own company and be patient and compassionate with others. As a thumb rule, apply your head to handle yourself and while dealing with other use your heart. Be loving, grateful and positive towards others. Remember the Mowgli boomerang, what you throw at universe comes back to you. You need to stand up for your happiness and make it your priority because all our action is towards attaining happiness.

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