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HEROIC FRAUD reveals how and why Sigmund Freud deceived the world by writing his controversial last book in a secret code unbroken until now.
“The distortion of a text is not unlike a murder. The difficulty lies not in perpetrating the deed but in eliminating the traces.” Thus Freud wrote in Moses and Monotheism, published in 1939, months before his death.

Many scholars consider it his worst work, a symptom of senility.

Freud claimed that Judaism is based on a crime. Moses, he asserted, was Egyptian: Hebrews killed him and then distorted history to cover up their deed. Outraged critics accused him of expressing Jewish self-hatred and turning against his people.

80 years later, the true meaning of Freud’s Moses is here revealed. The many Freudian slips, self-contradictions, and distortions in the text were intended to mislead most readers.

A murder mystery is concealed in code, decipherable only by the psychoanalytic technique he invented.

By carefully analyzing his text as one would a dream — or a neurotic — HEROIC FRAUD exposes Moses and Monotheism as Freud’s masterpiece of resistance: properly interpreted, it conveys in disguise a defiant analysis of the causes of Jew-hatred too dangerous to be outspoken. His concealed attack was not against the Jews but their contemporary enemies. His analysis of anti-Semitism is profound and, sadly, still applicable to this day.

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