February 27, 2020
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March 3, 2020

“Make Your Life Longer” by Morris Arrow

Do you feel that something in your life is not what you planned?

Often, on our way to achieving a specific goal, we forget there are other aspects of our lives that make us happier, fuller and more valuable. The imbalance between them means that everything goes wrong.

This new book, Make Your Life Longer, is dedicated to help you discover 10 areas of life you can balance to have stronger, longer and happier life.

You will know how to:

●Learn the simple rules that make your friends always cheerful and full of smiles
●Discover why, despite your successes, you are still depressed and tired
●Take on exercises prepared in this book that you can do even today
●Restart your biological clock – a simple method for the weekend
●Start the day with a higher dose of energy
●Get rid of rubbish
●Learn two strategies to defend against someone who is mean to you
●Learn to appreciate what you have

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