Meeting Nihena

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June 17, 2018
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June 19, 2018

“Meeting Nihena” by Ervin Agayan

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Do you adore fascinating adventures, duels and intriguing love affairs? Then welcome to Agastan! It’s not that easy to get into this country — it hovers in the air, high above the ground. Not to worry! Open the book and you will plunge deep into the amazing Agastan customs. 
Parelia, a young princess of delightful beauty, rules the air-borne country. Many would like to have her as a wife, of course, along with the throne of Agastan. But the princess’ most desperate admirer is the cunning and charming Arsy. Arsy’s bad luck is that the girl hates him so much. According to the country’s laws, Arsy is considered a criminal, just like his companion, the green-eyed handsome Zens. 
Of course, the two friends don’t get along with the law. But they have never lacked the intellect, courage and perseverance! To study the Cathastu martial arts, Arsy and Zens head to a mountain fortress called Mozakon. Hard tests await them, but the young guys are ready for anything, even if they have to endure the antics of the stubborn and capricious daughter of the mercenary leader.
Secret martial arts are the only way for Arsy to protect himself against a former friend, Erathos — a diabolically dangerous criminal. Perhaps, by becoming stronger, Arsy would be able to save the princess from her conspirators, who dream of seizing power in the country? And then hatred in her heart would be replaced by good feeling… 
Does the robber in love have a chance at happiness? You will find out about this after reading the fascinating and cheerful story called “Meeting Nihena”.

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