April 8, 2019
April 13, 2019

Monday Moments: Getting to the Oil: A Weekly Devotional For Spiritual Growth and Purpose” by Fred Hall

How do you feel when you wake up on a Monday morning?
Do you dread the week ahead and feel anxious or stressed about it?
Would you like something that will help you get through?
Most of us face increased stress as we approach the end of the weekend and the prospect of going back to work again. In fact, a Monday is when most heart attacks occur, as people begin to worry about what problems will be facing them.
So this book, Monday Moments: Getting to the Oil, has been written to try to help alleviate this, by giving you a moment of spiritual reflection just before you take the plunge back into the frenzy of balancing work and life pressures.
Designed to be done weekly, the book contains:
-A theme
-A scripture reference
-A devotional/meditation
-A point of reflection
-A plan to get you through the week

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