Wilfred’s Dream
October 4, 2019
Brother’s Best Friend
October 14, 2019

“Red Flags: The Irrefutable Truth, Guaranteed Will Transpire in The Future.” by Dr. Lester Reid

This narrative is a compilation of RED FLAGS that occur in our lives every single day that are guaranteed to affect us adversely or positively in the future, whether we believe it or not or whether we like or not. The RED FLAGS identified in this narrative will bring awareness about the things and events we may frequently overlook or take for granted, which later on may become a lifetime cost, detriment, or a blessing to our life.

The RED FLAGS shared in this narrative will influence us to STOP, RECOGNIZE, ACKNOWLEDGE, and MAKE some life changing decisions. This narrative will increase our awareness and compel us to pay attention and to never take our life and the life of others for granted. Recognizing and acknowledging RED FLAGS will certainly save us from going down a path of destruction.

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