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February 16, 2018
February 20, 2018

“Romance, Loves, & Lives: Jen’s Time” by Jeffrey Littorno

“Boys come and go, but sisters are forever.”
This has been the simple motto of the Warren sisters since they were little girls. However, now that they have grown into women following the words has become much more complicated.

In Jen’s Time, the most rebellious of the Warren sisters finds her life has hit rock bottom, and her only hope is to let others get close enough to help.

“Hi, Jen,” Beth answered, and the sound of her sister’s voice made Jen feel better about life. “What’s up?”
“Oh, you know, same crap different day,” she started out, and the two went on to talk about everything in the world. Eventually, Jen turned the conversation to the subject that she had called about. “Okay, I need to tell you something, but it’s got to stay between us, okay?” Beth instantly focused on her sister’s words. “Well, you’ve certainly got my attention. You know that you can trust me to keep your secret. So tell me what you did.” Jen retold everything about her car wreck, suspended driver’s license, being ordered to join AA, meeting Vince, and discovering Daniel. Beth only interrupted a few times with questions and comments of surprise. Once she finished, Jen sat back in her chair and just waited for Beth’s reaction. It did not take long for the sound of unexpected laughter to burst through the phone. “Leave it to you to go from no men in your life to a choice between two,” Beth chuckled. “Wait,” Jen replied, a bit startled by her sister’s response after she had spilled her guts about everything. “I get in a car wreck, lose my license for a year, and forced to join AA. All you get from all of that is I’ve got man trouble?!?” “It’s a joke! Did you lose your sense of humor?” Beth was quiet for a few seconds. “I think it’s great that you found a group that’s helping you.” She paused, choosing her words carefully. “I mean, whether or not you have a drinking problem, it’s important to find people who support you.”
“I don’t have a drinking problem,” Jen replied flatly.

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