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August 27, 2021
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September 13, 2021

“Talk About It!: 12 Steps to Transformational Conversations Even When You Disagree” by Toi B. James

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In a world where we communicate constantly using different modalities – online and off – at any time of the day or night globally, we are more disconnected than ever. Research has shown that we feel more isolated as time passes, with the “us vs them” mentality widening the gap. What is painfully clear is our diminishing ability to talk to each other from a place of authenticity, vulnerability and courageousness. With social media now determining how we view ourselves and others, reclaiming our need for true connection is becoming increasingly important. Having more thoughtful conversations will allow us to unmask ourselves – leading to transformative experiences – at home and in the workplace. Doing so doesn’t have to be as scary or impossible. When conversations are rooted in truth and compassion, no matter the topic, they can serve as a catalyst to creating lasting bonds and revolutionary changes.

Talk About It: 12 Steps to Having Transformational Conversations…even when you disagree provides structured guidance to help build or rekindle relationships that are new, seemingly severed, or in need of strengthening – one conversation at a time. The steps outlined will prepare you to have conversations once considered taboo, difficult, or without purpose. Coach and Consultant Toi B. James shares techniques proven successful in coaching sessions that will help you or your organization talk about the things that matter.

Author Toi B. James is the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of RedInk Enterprises, LLC, a boutique coaching and consulting firm – specializing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Belonging located in Atlanta, GA. RedInk supports DEI&B initiatives for companies and organizations and provides collaborative, transformational experiences for individual clients to help ensure every individual is seen, heard, and respected. She envisions a world where you are empowered to be exactly who they are…wherever they are.

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