The Cabin Getaway

The Cry of the Lake
September 25, 2020
Modern Day Healing Miracles
October 9, 2020

“The Cabin Getaway: The Complete Series (Book 1-5)” by George Rock

Demarious and Reco, his best gas station customer, enter a discussion of how people were not made to be monogamous. Demarious disagrees. So, Reco sat up a week long contest a Midway Cabin, an isolated cabin in the George woods by a lake for three couples to come and try to avoid having sex.
The three couples must avoid having sex with their partners or other guests attending the retreat. ‘This sounds simply enough,’ said Demarious. And he wanted the winning prize for sure. He could live like a King. However, things are not so simply once the women become involved in the challenge. Jaclyn, Reco’s girlfriend suffers from poor self-esteem brought on by seeing several women undergo plastic surgery to improve their looks. Jaclyn is an attractive eight who thinks she’s a five because of all competition. Being an eight is not enough for Jaclyn. Reco wants her to open up and talk to him about it.
Jaclyn just wants Reco to propose to her but he hesitates because of his business. Each of the couples finds out they’re leaving discussions on the table constantly and to make matters worse the cabin is hunted by a woman from 1895. Read a fascinating study of monogamy in our times, a five-part erotica series The Cabin Getaway, a humorous erotica tale you will never forget!

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