The Deliciously Cheesy Happiness Equation

Aces in the Wind
November 14, 2021
January 3, 2022

“The Deliciously Cheesy Happiness Equation” by Duke Thao

If you ever want to measure happiness, so you know exactly your state of happiness in the scenarios of your life, The Happiness Equation, H = R – E(R) will do just that. Happiness is always a balance between the expectation inside and the reality outside. The Happiness Equation measures the difference between our expectations and the reality of each situation.

There is only one journey, and that is a journey of happiness. Often, emotional forces beyond our control created by outside elements simply pull us along. To reach clear happiness, we first have to understand what happiness is. Thus, many of us suffer all our lives, and we don’t know why. We want to relieve our suffering to fill our life with endless joy, but we don’t know how. Our becoming is inside, but we live in the world outside, and the difference becomes our happiness energy.

We want energy inside that we call happiness, but we often look for it outside. Thus, our happiness becomes volatile and elusive. The Happiness Equation simplifies our understanding of happiness and allows us to balance the inside with the outside. Therefore, we are in charge of our happiness, and we control our life’s energy. Our life will make sense, and we will find the person we want to become for our exciting awaiting journey. The world is waiting for our inner beauty and strength.

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