March 8, 2019
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March 12, 2019

“The Rainman Vol 1” by Genevi Engle

Evan Strauss is a man burned and refined by tragedy and loss. After the mysterious death of his wife, he hops upon the other side of the justice board, quitting the force and becoming a bounty hunter for the small city. After making a name for himself, an entity known as the Rainman makes himself known, not only taking down the high-rolling criminals of the city, but even snatching up Evan’s bounties. Furious, Evan accepts a bounty offer from an individual not affiliated with law enforcement. Track down the Rainman, reveal their identity and turn them in. What he doesn’t realize is that in accepting the offer, he has implemented himself in a deadly set up between him, a murder witness and the town’s most deadliest drug kingpin, who’s desperate to clean up any loose ends of a crime that may connect to Evan’s wife’s murder.

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