The Remnant

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August 9, 2018
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August 11, 2018

“The Remnant” by Channing Whitaker

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In this suspense-filled, neo-monster, horror novelette, a writer named Gene Winfield discovers an ominous, handwritten book among the belongings of his late, adventurer aunt. As Gene reads, he becomes captivated with the volume’s account of a savage, unearthly creature. In spite of the book’s warning, with his writing career failing, Gene can’t resist the inspiration. Near the roaring fire in his aunt’s otherwise cold, empty manor, Gene begins a story of his own, but will he unleash more than his imagination…


“A Bit of Suspense and Horror” I’m not sure if I would categorize this story as suspense or horror. Maybe it is a bit of both. But I can say that the plot kept my attention from start to finish. It is a quick read that slowly builds tension, leading to an unexpected climax.~Catherine DePasquale

“This Tale Might Burn You!” The chill factor was definitely present in this short story and it came from some original places. The voice of this author sets a near perfect tone in which to spin his tale. The writing is flowing and intelligent. The storytelling is crisp and makes use of kinetic energy so the story propels its way along and never seems to bog down in a manner that some writers can’t seem to do without making the reader feel that they’re having to have details over-explained. The story is chilling and bleak and I’m glad this didn’t happen to me! There’s a single twist that I thought was a little clumsy but overall a thoroughly enjoyable little spine chiller. I look forward to reading more from Channing Whitaker.~David Smith

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