The Secret Life After Her & Her

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May 23, 2019
Deep From the Heart
May 30, 2019

“The Secret Life After Her & Her” by Natasha Brown

Sex, pleasure, love. Jessica loved all these aspects of life and the good things it had to offer. She was a free spirit who cherished all the pleasures she could immerse herself in. A fine, sexy and intelligent individual, Jessica was one who had an open heart, loving deeply and willing to explore new things. Although she had always found herself attracted to beautiful women, she never believed she would be in a relationship or in love with one. That, however, was exactly what happened when she came across the bold and amatory Michaela. Things initially being rosy and passionate, Jessica thought she had found the one, but soon, the beautiful and deep connection the two women had formed between each other came crashing down. Physically and mentally scarred after her bittersweet relationship with Michaela, Jessica finds love again in the arms of another female, Julia. A complete contrast to Michaela, Julia was collected and caring, and Jessica felt she could finally settle down. Eventually, she began to realize this relationship was no better than the one she was in prior, and despite Julia and she having different problems from her former lover, the relationship ended the same way.

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