The Spirit of Revival

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September 29, 2018
October 1, 2018

“The Spirit of Revival” by  Ewang Nelson Mfortaw 

It doesn’t take a revelation to realise that these are the last days and the Christian Faith has fallen into apostasy . While some have abandoned the Faith to follow deceiving spirits and demons , others are waiting for a Christian Revival. For that to happen , however there needs to be a rebirth of learning . The Spirit of Revival is a body of living words that make up flames of Revival . It is the reawakening of the Christian Faith. Learning is the first step for The Spirit of Revival.


“A Journey of Christian Growth, Biblical Enlightenment and Revelation” This is a book that brings peace to the believer and rest from the tiring fight against Satanic forces attacking us to sin and live in misery. Christians all have the same opportunity to rest in Christ rather than fighting Satan who has come to steal, kill and destroy. We are free to enjoy the abundant life given us by Christ and free of sin because all who are reborn in Christ are a new creation in Him. For anyone who desires to live the reality of liberty in Christ, I highly recommend The Spirit of Revival by Ewang Nelson Mfortaw. Prepare to be immersed into the truth of God’s Word with actions and signs following. You’re going to realize Biblical truths that many never learn in their lifetime and which will prepare you for new Biblical revelations in Pastor Nelson’s future publications, so keep this book close at hand! Use it for Bible reference, a Bible guide for living and a book of prophecy.~Margaret Lukasik

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