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October 20, 2021
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October 25, 2021

“Wish Granted: Infinite Ways to Get What You Desire” by Sabella Oshworth-Lovington

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“Ten out of ten. A guide to new thought that radically fills in the blanks that The Secret misses,” Dr Finn Carley, Spiritual Advisor

“A practical guide that brings to light what you need to know about the law of attraction,” Elissa McNally, Shaman

“Light workers, indigos, anyone interest in the law of attraction, new thought and mysticism simply must read this book, it will shine a light on ways to bring objects of desire into reality like a magnet,” Jo Shipperton, Healer

“Ten out of ten, I believe we should cover it in our coursework,” Dr Stan Reynoldson, metaphysics lecturer

Wish Granted: Infinite Ways to Get What You Desire will get your life out of a rut, and away from being a victim. You can finally realise that you can have whatever it is you desire, and you can create a vision of hope for your future.

Create and manifest abundance, success, money, love, beauty and be desirable. You can have whatever you want, just read this book and dare to dream.

A magnificent book and a great first effort for this stunning author, and she shows a depth of understanding like no other.

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