Fingerprints, Lipstick and Blood
July 10, 2022
The Adventures Of Approved
July 16, 2022

“FAITH: A Tale of Courage” by Blakely Russell

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What if I told you that the Multiverse exists, but not in the way that you believe it does?

What if instead, the Multiverse only existed because of a catastrophic event that shattered, and split the Universe into separate pieces?
What if it happened, and people you once knew were separated from you? In other words, you went to different pieces of the Multiverse.

This is the reality of this story. An ancient darkness shattered the Universe, separating friends and families. People everywhere have fragmented and damaged memories of one another, that seem more like dreams than reality.

Delve into the Multiverse, and bear witness to nine heroes of separate Universes being brought together to put an end to the ancient darkness as it threatens time and space itself.

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