Fingerprints, Lipstick and Blood

Run to Paradise
July 8, 2022
July 12, 2022

“Fingerprints, Lipstick and Blood” by Josephine Valent

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Life is not always as it appears, and Jordan Maxwell discovers that the truth doesn’t always matter. When a beloved rock ‘n’ roll legend is found dead in his apartment, she is charged with his murder. With her fingerprints lifted from the knife embedded in his chest, her lipstick discovered on his lips, and her clothes covered in his blood, the district attorney figures it’s a case of a lovers’ spat gone deadly. To him, a guilty verdict is a slam dunk. To make matters worse, when the court of public opinion weighs in, Jordan finds herself catapulted from relative obscurity to the most hated woman in America.

Having once loved Jordan enough to ask her to marry him, Reed Carrington still cares enough about her to want to keep her from going to prison, and he knows he’s her best chance.

When he offers to represent her, Jordan knows it’s an offer she can’t refuse despite the five years of estrangement between them. He’s the most sought-after criminal defense attorney in New York, and his reputation is well-earned.

Reed and Jordan both agree that it is crucial to Jordan’s defense that they find the murderer. They didn’t count on dealing with powerful, lingering feelings while navigating the threat to Jordan’s safety and sifting through the increasing pool of suspects. Both tasks feel more daunting than ever when they discover the murderer isn’t finished.

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