In the Dark

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June 23, 2022
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July 1, 2022

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“In the Dark” by Destiney Fiely

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Darkness does not always mean devoid of light. Sometimes, it’s just gray.

Sierra Williams is a young woman living in a small town in rural Ohio. When her boyfriend, Adam, deploys overseas with the U.S. Army, Sierra must learn to cope with everyday life. She finds herself dealing with intense depression, isolating herself from the life she once knew. To achieve her goal of normal function once more, she must lean on both family and friends in Adam’s absence.

In the Dark focuses on Sierra’s (re)developing relationships with her family and friends. As Sierra’s family returns to her life, they bring both support and trials. From her mom’s new restaurant to her younger sister’s big news, Sierra is never quite sure what to expect. The most anticipated return is her best friend, Seth, having a history with her dating back to day one. Sierra’s new close friend, a young man named Hunter, is haunted by a troubled past. Jenna, head waitress at Sierra’s mom’s restaurant, creates levity for her when they become friends on the job. Each person brings their own triumphs and tribulations, reminding Sierra that she is never alone in this hectic world.

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