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February 13, 2022
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February 21, 2022

“Who Am I?: Healing from a broken heart and finding purpose” by Shan Deyaun

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Who Am I?

-The process to repair your life is part of God’s plan, no matter how many mountains you’ve climbed-

It’s funny, isn’t it? When you are young, you see adults as these superhuman idols who have life all figured out. Yet as you venture into that realm yourself, you quickly realize that adults don’t have all the answers. In fact, most are molded with cracks, simply rolling with the waves without a real understanding of who they are at all. Unfulfilling careers, broken marriages, poor relationships – these are all things that certainly do not discriminate against age and can leave anyone feeling lost as they try to navigate this fleeting thing called life.

Who am I? – the cornerstone question that inevitably becomes the rails you ride down. This is the question that, though easy to say, can feel nearly impossible to answer. And this is the very question that Shan Deyaun has based her entire mission around. With this text, Shan shares her own intense story of pain-causing trauma and how she learned to not just cope from the past but overcome it to build an empowered future. She guides you down a safe-haven journey filled with self-help, self-reflection, and esteem-building process along with Christian therapist scriptures that guided her through her early childhood traumas and fatherless repercussions. Today, Shan is not only a better mother, daughter, woman, and multi-careerist, but has committed herself to proving that anyone can learn how to let go of the past, overcome triggers, create a life adorned with fulfillment, and above all, truly answer the ‘Who Am I’ question with complete confidence.

So, stop waiting to heal. Stop sacrificing your peace and happiness. And stop dulling your innate worthiness to live both purely and authentically. Instead, start choosing yourself and marrying your own dreams. Because in the end, everyone deserves to know who they are at the core, and sometimes those crushing, debilitating, and heartbreaking experiences can become the very stepping stones that lead you down a path to something quite beautiful.

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